You can blame it on lower cost air travel, a rise in spending the kids’ inheritance or longer life expectancy but more retirees are jumping ship and moving abroad. The world is very much accessible to everyone now, and this has meant that overseas locations are looking very desirable.

“There’s definitely an upward trend in the number of senior citizens wanting to sell their property quickly to enjoy the freedom of their golden years. Many retirees are simply selling up, spending the kids’ inheritance and heading abroad.” —- Kelvin Elliott, Purchasing Director, Yes Homebuyers.

But making that big leap is dependent on a few things. There are issues such as climate, amenities, and even the distance from the UK (so you can easily arrange to meet your relatives). We thought we’d take a look at some of the best retirement options abroad, and how they measure up when it comes to value for money.

This has become a popular favourite amongst many retirees from the UK. One of the key points is the popularity of the English language. It’s spoken pretty much everywhere. 
You’re also looking at a country that has nearly all-year round sunshine, as well as some of the friendliest people around. It’s a small place, and that might suit some people who are looking to retire.

Always a favourite with the British, Spain keeps on proving to be a popular spot for retirees, too. The good news about Spain is that it has so many different areas that are perfect for those who have finished working and just want to relax.

House prices are going up too, which shows the value here. The upward trend doesn’t seem to be faltering, so now is probably the best time to head out there.

There are coastal towns, as well as bustling cities that are steeped in culture and amazing architecture. The even better news about Spain, and one of the main reasons why people now pick to retire there, is that it has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. For those who want to pursue a quiet life, this is an added bonus.

We’re talking about white beaches and beautiful weather. Property taxes are low too, so it’s an ideal place to spend your golden years. It’s full of British expats and other retirees, and English is a main language. All the ingredients add up to the perfect getaway for anyone who is about to retire, or has retired and wants to find a haven.

It may not be the very first country that springs to mind for anyone who is retired, but it has a lot going for it. Perhaps one of the biggest draws for retirees is the low tax situation. With many retirees having multiple levels of income available to them, they want the best possible deal when it comes to taxes. Australia offers this.

Alongside a preferential tax environment, Australia also has a reasonably superior climate to the UK. It’s not always sunny (despite what you may see on TV), but it is definitely better, and is a real benefit to making the trip out there.

Health-care is good value too, with private healthcare averaging $2000 per year and public healthcare at 2% of income. So the prospects for retirees who want a relaxing life in a low-tax culture are pretty good.

Pick the right spot here and you’re made. The temperature is a beautifully warm average of 27 degrees, and the white, sandy beaches and blue water make for a true island paradise.
Many speak English here, and if you are aiming to get the very most out of your time you’ll be glad to learn that the watersports on the coast are probably some of the best you’ll ever experience. And if you like golf (a popular retirement sport), you’ll be well-served by so the best golf courses around.