There’s a lot to like about quartz countertops. Beyond the stately appearance, variety, and durability is the invulnerability to stains, cracks, and scratches. One more impressive characteristic about quartz is its low maintenance.

While this alone may have incentivized you to buy Caesarstone quartz countertops, it doesn’t mean that they are free from care. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about staining, cracking, or damage if you use the best quartz countertop cleaner.

How to Choose the Best Quartz Countertop Cleaner 

Knowing what to look for in a quartz countertop cleaner is the first step to understanding what makes the best cleaner.

Consider these when selecting quartz countertop cleaners:


Ensure your choice product doesn’t pose health risks to you and others around you, including kids and pets. It should be safe to use on food-contact surfaces. If your cleaner isn’t labeled as such, this should be a deal-breaker.

Pleasant scent

Who wouldn’t want their quartz countertops fragranced with breathtaking scents? The best way to have this is to select a cleaner with a sweet-scented offering. 

Gets the job done

You’re looking for a cleaner; that means your topmost consideration is having your countertops looking clean and attractive. You want a cleaner that delivers excellence and nothing short of that. That means it should clean all forms of liquid, oils, and built-up dirt without leaving any residue behind.

If you’re a fan of glossy countertops, look for a product that adds beautifying effects while cleaning effectively. Such a product will leave your surface more impressive and add a touch of glamour to your room.  

Offers extra protection 

Not every cleaner will cut it for your quartz countertops, even if they do an excellent job on the surface. Consider how protective the cleaner is. Ensure the cleaner not only offers glistening results but also strengthens the surface with no aftermath. If you find one that comes with stain resisting ability, all the better.

Easy to use

Your quartz countertop cleaner should be easy to use with little effort. You want to avoid products that will leave you with an added cleaning task or extreme waiting time before wiping off from the surface.

Neutral pH levels

You should take the pH levels in your cleaning solution seriously. While most cleaner brands take this measure, be cautious to always confirm the pH levels in your cleaner are neutral. Avoid acidic and alkaline cleaners at all costs. You don’t want the resins of your quartz harmed and your surface permanently damaged.

Quart Countertop

What Is the Best Quartz Countertop Cleaner for Your Everyday Use?

Equipped with choosing the cleaners, we can move to what cleaners to use for your everyday quartz cleaning. Here are the best cleaners for quartz countertop owners. 

1. Clean Quartz Counters with Mild Dish Soap

To use this;

  • Take a mild dish soap, antibacterial soap, or hand soap and mix with warm water.
  • Dip a soft microfiber cloth in the solution and gently but firmly wipe the quartz countertops.

Use this cleaner as often as you need or for your everyday routine maintenance to clean fresh spills. For special attention to wine and food spills, quickly blot it out with white distilled vinegar (instead of water). You’ll be shocked that as simple as this is, it’ll be just as effective as any other quartz cleaner in the market.

While at it, avoid disinfecting wipes at all means as they contain undiluted citric acid ingredients that can etch your quartz countertops.

2. Clean Grease on Quartz Counters

A degreaser is the best cleaner for a quartz countertop that has grease. For this;

  • Use a degreasing agent of choice (ensure it’s safe on quartz) and spray it on your quartz counters. 
  • Then, you want to immediately rinse the surface using a wet cloth. Here, ensure, as earlier discussed, the cleaner doesn’t contain any bleach and is fit for quartz.

If you’re not sure, ask your quartz countertop supplier if your cleaning agent is safe for the specific quartz countertop.

3. Scrape Off Dried Gunk from Quartz Counters

No matter how much you avoid them, spills will dry off on quartz countertops and will need scraping. To get rid of gunk, we recommend using plastic objects, such as plastic knives or scrapers. Avoid sharp metallic objects as they cause permanent scratches, even if you don’t see them.   

Best Cleaner to Remove Tough Stains from Quartz Counter

If you’re battling a stubborn stain on your quartz countertop, it may be tempting to use just about anything to remove it. Unfortunately, the damage caused by some stain removal cleaners may be irreversible. For instance, common cleaning agents, such as ammonia and bleach, will permanently etch your quartz if not properly diluted. And even if the stain successfully clears, the indent may linger and cause permanent damage in the future.

Use these milder stain removers for your quartz countertops:

Adhesive Stain Remover for Quartz Surfaces

You’ll need an adhesive cleaner such as Goo Gone for this.

  • Pour your cleaner on the stain and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Proceed to wipe the cleaner off.
  • Rinse the surface with warm water, and your stain should be gone.

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Use this solution to remove any stains that would not come off when cleaned with water and soap. 

  • Take a wet rag and soak with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and rub it on the stained spot. 
  • Next, you want to rinse the countertop using warm water.  

Glass Cleaner to Deep Clean Quartz Surfaces

For deep cleaning;

  • Take a safe glass cleaner and spray on the quartz surface. 
  • Let the solution sit for 5 to 10minutes before wiping with a wet cloth.

Be warned, though. Some quartz companies caution against using glass cleaners; it’s perfectly okay to stay away from them in that case. Be sure that your quartz countertop manufacturer allows for their use.


While quartz countertops are durable and require no sealing, they can still be stained and damaged if you don’t take care of them properly. That calls for the best cleaners for your quartz countertops. To ensure you always get it right with your quartz cleaning, use the best quartz cleaners mentioned above, and you’ll never have to worry about costly cleaning mistakes.