Golf is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by all genders and also by adults and children alike. Whatever our age or ability, we all dream of becoming better golfers, yet finding the time to practice can be a pain. We all want to be able to drive 300 plus yards, but where can we do that if we don’t go to the range?

Well, as all golfers are aware, there are many different facets to the game from driving to iron play, from chipping to putting, so here we are going to take a look at the best ways to play golf from the comfort of your backyard.

Putting Green

Every golfer knows the phrase ‘drive for show, putt for dough’, and for this reason, it is imperative that you practice your putting. Indeed in an average round of golf, your putter will be your most used club, so your chances of lowering your handicap do rest on it. Building a putting green isn’t easy and can take up a lot of space, but if you can build one, it will help you to become a better golfer. For those of you with a large budget, then it pays to hire the services of a landscaper to recreate a proper green with contours and undulations. It will take time to seed down, but once the grass has taken hold, you will be left with a perfect playing surface to practice on.


Once you have built your practice green, it is time to create a facility for you to practice your chipping, after all, every golfer has the intention of getting up and down in two shots! You can do this in two ways by chipping off a temporary mat that you move around, allowing yourself to attack the green from different directions, or you can build a more permanent base from which to chip off, giving more stability.

Driving And Long Irons

These will be by far the hardest shots to play in your backyard, but they are still possible with a little bit of research, nous, and some basic DIY knowledge. For the base, it is essential to do some research, and experts from can advise you about which one is best for your yard. Then it is a case of building a frame and hanging some heavy-duty netting over it to stop the balls flying everywhere. Of course, you need a bit of knowledge to build the frame securely, but I’m sure you have some friends in construction who would help you in exchange for using your net once it’s complete. You can even paint a bullseye target on the netting so you can see how accurate your shots are, and invite friends round for competitions over a cold beer and a barbeque.

Bunker Shots

If you have young children, this could not be easier to set up, given that young kids like nothing more than playing in the sand! If you already have a sandpit, then it is just a case of building a frame. Some netting that allows you to practice those tricky bunker shots without putting your back windows at risk if you don’t already have any sand then why not build a pit directly behind your main net so that you can double the use of this up to contain not only your drives but also your bunker shots.

Golf ball and club


Maybe it is not possible to build a huge net and frame, or a putting green in your backyard, but if so, don’t worry, as there are many ways you can improvise and still practice your technique. Chipping can be practiced with just a small bucket and a handful of balls. As you get more competent, you can simply increase the distance. You can also set up a camera to record your swing to see if there are any areas that you can improve on so that the next time you visit the range or the course, you can put these new ideas into practice.

Golf has always been thought of as a sport that you can only play on a course or at the range, whereas, in reality, your backyard offers the perfect place to practice. If room and finances allow it, then building a putting green and a base and net will allow you to practice the hardest shots of all from the comfort of your garden. If you have kids, then take advantage of their sandpit for practicing bunker shots, and if you find yourself with none of the above, then improvise using a bucket. There are always ways to practice in your backyard!