While we are no longer technically in a lockdown, and we have more freedom to go out to meet friends and family, the pandemic has provided some valuable lessons about keeping in contact over distance. Keeping connected through the internet is a great way to maintain relationships across long distances or during isolated periods. From video calls to social media, there are numerous platforms available. Additionally, chatrooms have also emerged as a popular and interactive way to engage in real-time conversations with friends and strangers alike. Here are some of the best ways to communicate with friends and family online.”

Video Calls

During the pandemic, video conferencing programs like Zoom User Statistics or Skype became a staple of communication. Since we were not allowed to go out and visit friends and family in person, digital meetups became the norm. While the need for these has diminished somewhat since restrictions have eased, they remain a brilliant way of maintaining relationships at a distance. 

Whether it’s a one-to-one Facetime with a loved one, or a group video chat full of laughter and games, video calls remain one of the best ways to stay in contact in an increasingly digital world. 

Online Games

Whether it’s multiplayer games on your console, online pub friend’s quiz, or mobile games, there are many options for keeping things fun in your relationships at a distance. During lockdowns, it seemed like there was a family member’s or friend’s quiz every other day. While these are less common now, they remain a brilliant way of staying connected. 

Other options that require a bit less effort but, nonetheless, maintain regular communication include playing board games online. For example, setting up an online game of Scrabble with your loved ones is a brilliant way to keep connected anywhere and doesn’t require planning or significant effort. 

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stay connected with friends online

Social Media

People have been using social media platforms to connect with old friends and acquaintances at a distance for years now. However, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are still some of the best ways to get an insight into the lives of your loved ones from afar. 

Using social media is an excellent way of rekindling connections with people you may have lost contact with over the years. Additionally, the chat features built into these platforms make regular communication with the people who mean the most to you a breeze. 


Overall, the pandemic has taught many people a valuable lesson – maintaining relationships in a virtual world is becoming increasingly easy. There are numerous platforms and ways to stay connected in the modern era, which are more important than ever considering the current climate. 

While regular video chats and phone calls are brilliant, you can also keep communication channels open through more informal chats or games. Ultimately, staying connected in the digital era is crucial and straightforward in a period when people have become more isolated than ever before.