Whether looking for a relaxing holiday, or a daredevil experience, sailing has a lot to offer. Aside from wonderful views of the water, sailing has been shown to improve agility, concentration and communication skills. More importantly, sailing has been connected to positive improvements in patients with mental health.

When exposed to regular sailing, there was a statistically significant improvement in both the clinical status and general functioning of the patients. Therefore, sailing constitutes not only a wonderful pastime, but a health benefit. If you are a first time sailor, there are some things you need to consider before venturing out onto the water. Here are four tips to get you out on the water in no time. Aye aye captain!

Storage | This is the very first thing you should consider before sailing off into the sunset. In order to own a boat, you must have a storage space for it. Consider how often the boat will be used, a budget, the size of the boat and your security concerns. If you are a regular sailor, it will be beneficial to look into marina berths for sale. This way, the boat will be easily accessible and ready to go when needed.

An extremely important factor to consider is your budget.  While a marina berth is an enticing prospect, it may prove more financially viable to purchase a trailer and storage space further away from the ocean. Furthermore, a friend or relative may allow you to store the boat on their property for a fraction of the cost. The size of the boat will also determine the type of storage required. A small boat will be easier to store away from the harbor, while a larger boat will be more difficult. So start researching, and find a secure storage spot for your boat that is within your budget. Now to the fun part!

Clothes | Although fashion isn’t a core aspect of sailing, it is important to consider what you will wear as a first time sailor. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the deck of a boat can (and probably will) become wet and slippery. Getting your sea legs can be difficult enough without a slip n slide being installed! Invest in some rubber-soled shoes that cover your toes, these will protect your feet from injury while giving some grip to the deck. The rest of the outfit should also be considered, as sailing requires agility and movement. Restricting clothes will make this adventure a lot harder, so wear something loose and comfortable.

Training | While you may have successfully obtained a boat without assistance, navigating the open ocean is a whole other matter. Get some training on another boat before setting out on your own. Alternatively, you can ask a certified sailing trainer to assist you with your learning. Prior to all of this, it is useful to do some research into how sailing works. If you are setting out on a traditional boat, there may be more to consider then if your boat has a motor and no sails. Further, it is important to become familiar with weather conditions in the area that you are sailing. This is not only a safety aspect, but may affect how you learn to sail. Whatever the case, strive to learn more about your vessel prior to setting out on the water.

Emergency Supplies | This should be a consideration for any adventure, but especially when out on the water. Make sure a first aid kit is always on board, and stock it up regularly. Include sunscreen in this kit, as sunlight can reflect off of the water and increase the intensity of radiation in contact with your skin. Other emergency supplies such as life jackets and emergency flares should also be present, and are available from any boat supply store.

Getting lost on the ocean is a real possibility, so ensure that you are prepared with a GPS or map before you set off. Ideally, a GPS system should be installed in your boat, but a handheld device will also suffice. Letting someone know where you are going and when you will be returning is also very important, as someone will be there to raise the alarm if anything were to happen.

So there you have it, everything you’ll need as a first time sailor. If you have further questions, pop into your local boat supply store and ask away! Remember, although sailing is a wonderful pastime, there are dangers involved. S,o make safety your first priority, and have fun with it! Good luck.