Seoul is the focal point when considering doing business not only in South Korea, but also the East Asia itself. The city’s tremendous ability to branch out its influence both towards the mainland and towards the overseas trade made it into an economic powerhouse. Business accommodation in Seoul increased in demand proportionally, and recent developments indicate some exciting new developments in this burgeoning market.

Serviced apartments represent a new variant in the business dealing with both employee and tourist accommodation which usually fell under the influence of hotels. However, increased global mobility proved that the modern traveller isn’t satisfied just with high quality premises, but seeks something that’s more elusive – the comfort of home. This custom-fit solution soon created a niche that experiences steady growth due to its ability to adapt to modern trends and put forward a desirable solution targeting an individual’s needs.

A Sprawling Landscape of Multinational GiantsSeoul is a city on the rise in more ways than one: its skyline is stacked with glass domes, basking the city’s night landscape in neon light. From these heights you can see logos of companies that have become household names throughout the world – and these striking visuals represent displays of their power, influence and global reach.

The best graduates from the local population are hired for the entry-level jobs in the big Korean companies like Hyundai, LG and the unavoidable Samsung. They are expected to climb the corporate ladder for there, and job security and higher pay go hand in hand with work ethic.

For a foreigner, the situation is a bit different – the experience is everything, and emphasizing it is not only recommended, but necessary. Multinational companies actively seek workers from abroad, which in turn need to adapt to the way of life in Korea, which, while being cosmopolitan, still puts an emphasis on the more traditional methods of communication – long hours often go without saying, and this makes having a comfortable place away from work highly desirable.

Gangnam as the Status Symbol of Seoul | Big Business in Seoul: the Need for Serviced ApartmentsGangnam Style is a song that celebrated this elite neighborhood of Seoul worldwide, but for Koreans, it has always been a symbol of wealth – Gangnam, meaning south of the river, represent three wealthy districts where much of the Seoul’s business life takes place.

From the high-end real estate to big shopping malls and upscale departments, Samsung Town and the company’s headquarters, famous K-Pop labels and high-end plastic surgery clinics, Gangnam attracts money to make money. Its huge avenues are populated with some of the best examples of modern architecture the world has to offer, and on its street tourists mingle with the business crowd.

The Interconnected Nature of the CitySeoul is one of Global Capitals, cities which influence the market flow far beyond their countries’ boundaries. Its status allows it to simultaneously disperse and attract influence, and in order to attract some of the best employees available on the market, its companies seek the best trends in the accommodation business. It is no wonder that serviced apartments niche flourishes in such circumstances.