Dogs have been for a long time, a man’s best friend. Hence the need for us to know how to really cater to their needs. It’s only natural for your dog to run around and is ready for a game whenever you are at home. But what if your dog appears a little tired, given that he spends most of the time lying on the ground as opposed to his routine exercising? You might have also noted that his movement stiffens when he gets up. When you notice such signs, it could be an indicator that your pet has a plaguing issue and that he might be aging. You can, however, support your best friend as he ages by boosting his energy using some helpful tips.

Here are some tips that you should consider implementing for your dog to increase his strength.

1.  Change the Diet

You might want to change your dogs’ diet as they age, considering that puppies and old dogs have different meals. Older dogs need meals that have high protein content and low fat as opposed to the meals that they had when they were younger. Based on research studies, older dogs should be fed with meals rich in L-carnitine nutrients, such as red meat, considering that the vitamin is essential for converting fat into energy. Always ensure that you pay close attention to the dog food ingredients, and you should consider changing the routine brand and switch to one that’s formulated for older dogs.

Another thing to consider would be your dog’s breed. Large dogs like huskies or labradors will need a lot more sustenance compared to smaller breeds like pugs or cocker spaniels. According to this review by cocker spaniels, in particular, have quite sensitive tummies and are more prone to develop food allergies. However, anyone who is willing to do research will surely get acquainted with the right brands and formulations whatever breed your dog is. On the other hand, there are always veterinary professionals people can go to.

2.  Have Age-Appropriate Exercises

Exercises are an essential part of a dog’s life, and the routine should not change as they age. Consider taking your dog out for a run or a walk that will maintain the dog’s health status, and besides, he will have fun. Keep in mind that the exercise that the dog had when he was youthful would be different from those he has as he ages. Low impact exercises such as yoga or swimming could result in the flow of endorphins in the dog’s body without stressing the joints. A game of tug of war or a routine leisure walk could be fun exercises for the dog. Ensure you are gentle with the dog and monitor him for exhaustion signs. That older pet might not be as jovial as he was during his youthful time.


3.  Clean the Water Bowl

Dogs also fall victim to dehydration, and sometimes the problem could be a result of health issues such as kidney problems that often increase their frequency to urinate. The other contributing factor could be the lack of fresh water, and to prevent the problem, always ensure that your friend gets plenty of clean water at all times. Besides, ensure that you clean the water bowl every morning and, in the evening when you arrive from work. In case you are frequently out of home, you should consider purchasing an auto-refill water bowl to ensure that your dog has a constant water supply. When you offer your dog fresh water, you can almost be sure that he will remain energetic throughout the day.

4.  Add Nutritional Supplements

Most pet owners offer their dogs supplements and added vitamins to increase their energy as they age. The supplements might help boost their nutritional content, and they will have a healthy diet. Your pet’s vitamin needs depend entirely on his needs and health status. Consider consulting your vet when choosing supplements in his meal. In case the dog exhibits symptoms of arthritis, consider offering meals rich in chondroitin, glucosamine, or fish oil. In case he suffers from chronic pain as he ages, consider CBD oil supplements that might ease the pain and regain his youthful edge.

Generally, the above tips will help improve your dog’s health and boost his energy levels as he ages. The dog is your best friend, and you should always prioritize his needs. However, offering the dog the right nutritional supplements might be the best solution, although you should also play with the dog. Dogs happen to be social creatures, and they desire affection and attention from their owner. Although the dog grows older, you will brighten his mood once you pay close attention to his needs every day.