Even though it may not sound believable, people may run into problems when it comes to decorating their aquariums. Essential items and filtration have been obtained but what one can encounter is a lack of idea on where to start. A simple solution would be to take anything from the local pet store, and voila! All done!

However, having a perfectly decorated fish tank is not possible by throwing random items on the bottom. It can look quite tacky, and there is no need to mention that the maintenance can be made significantly harder if the aquarium is overfilled. Here are some professional decorating tips which you can follow and make your fish tank a spectacle to look at.

Minimalism is the Key

If your fish tank looks too crowded, it means you have too many accessories added. It would not be good to follow that route since the aquarium may end up plainly ugly. Your fish can also be stressed out if there is not enough room for them to move around. Keep in mind that sometimes, minimalism is the best possible choice to follow.

One or two attractive decoration items are in some cases better to have than a whole chunk of stuff since fish will have more space to swim freely. Before making a final decision, think about the theme you would like to set up. It can be anything, from having a sunken treasure and ship representing a pirate theme or placing mermaid statues and making a merfolk kingdom. The possibilities are limitless.

Plants and Other Hiding Spots

Now that you have decided on your theme, the next step is to add decoration and accessories. You can have a more natural look or a more showy appearance; it does not matter. For example, plants are always a popular choice in many aquariums. They can add color to the tank, so some people like to include flora as part of the overall ambiance.

Plants can help you to mimic many freshwater environments and give your tank a natural feel. There is a wide array of choices, from real to plastic aquarium plants in many pet shops. Each has its advantage. Plastic ones are usually more colorful and can provide you with colors that can not be found in real flora.

On the other hand, real plants can improve the quality of the water in your tank because they use waste that fish will produce. Real plants also use access to nitrogen, which can often be found in aquariums. Both choices are fine and are up to you. It all would depend on your personal preference. There is no mistake, especially since they can offer fish more places to hide.

By adding caves, your fish will have something to interact with and swim under. As a plus, it will give a natural look to your aquarium and make it more interesting. If you plan on getting a prey fish, it is recommended to have a cave or something that can serve as one since the cave would represent a hiding spot for such species. If you want a more “flashy” aquarium look, you could use a stone castle. No matter which one you decide, it is important that these decorations are boiled first┬ábefore being added to your fish tank. Any harmful parasites or microbes will be killed in that way. To build a cave, you could also use PVC piping, although make sure to quarantine any plastics you might add. Possible leakage of chemicals is dangerous to your aquarium inhabitants, so make sure there are no any.

Aquarium decorating

The Main Attraction

What can help your aquarium pop is to select one or two accessories representing the focal point. Those chosen objects should be standing out amongst the rest of your decor items. For instance, a mermaid statue will draw people’s attention and set the scene in your overall design. Keep in mind that some items can have sharp edges.

Your fish can be in danger as a result and may get hurt. As an example, they could scratch their scales or suffer from other injuries that can cause infection. Having an attractive esthetic is important; however, it should not be at the price of your fish’s overall health.

Now that you have completed decorating and adding in the filtration system, your aquarium is complete. Remember that this is a time to be creative and think at the same time about the safety of your fish. After everything is done, the only thing left to do is sit and relax by watching your perfectly decorated fish tank.