When you own a construction business, it is important to have all the required equipment readily available at your disposal. So you might want to consider investing in a quality crane to help yourself meet the demands of larger projects. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an important project just because you don’t have a tower crane. Having quality machinery in your arsenal of construction equipment can allow you to take up commercial projects that require heavy lifting. However, buying a brand new model will need a significant amount of investment. But what if you’ve just started the business or don’t have the budget to get yourself a new tower crane? Rather than purchasing a new one, you can invest in a used model that comes with a significantly lower price tag. In this article, you will discover why buying a quality used crane is a substantial company investment. 

Lower Investment Cost

One of the prime advantages of buying a used crane is the significantly lower investment costs. You can save ample amounts of money by buying a used machine for your construction business. It will help you tremendously boost your working capacity at a small price. In addition to adding another crane to your fleet, you won’t need to worry about the availability of equipment anymore. While most used cranes can be bought at lower rates, they are generally as new as they come. In most cases, the heavy lifters are practically used for a year or two before being resold. When a piece of used machinery is put up for sale, it is generally refurbished to operate as a brand new machine. However, it is crucial to be aware of what you’re agreeing to buy.

Good Resale Value

The value of cranes does not depreciate as steeply as compared to automobiles. Although there is an initial drop in value, it depreciates a lot slower after that. However,  maintenance and upkeep are two factors that can decide the speed of depreciation over time. With that said, when you buy a used model, the capital loss is not too bothersome. According to the professionals at TRT Australia, most of the used Brisbane cranes are trade-ins from new models. So you can extract your investment very easily. The main reason for the depreciation of value is when a company releases a new model or the machine gets older than 12 to 15 years. The trick to slow down the process of depreciation is to perform regular maintenance and keep a detailed record of all the repairs and services during their lifetime. When you sell a well-maintained used crane, you can gain back a lot of your investment. This can help you upgrade your fleet with even better machines.

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Equipment Availability 

With the current economic conditions being sensitive, manufacturers and importers are being cautious of building up their inventories. If you step out to buy a new one, chances are high that the waiting period is longer than you expect. If you have a lot of construction work forecasted for the near future, a used machine will serve you more cost-effectively and efficiently. In addition to avoiding the risk of delivery delays, a used crane will be more readily available for purchase. With that said, the market for used cranes is very vast. You’ll find many models and types from slewing machines to self-erecting ones. However, a lot of people use the market to dump their poorly-maintained models. Buyers should always be careful of these people.

Better Operational Value

Since newer models come with many upgrades and changes, construction companies also need to find operators who know how to work on those machines. There is an additional cost to train your current operators with the bells and whistles of the new models. However, you won’t face this problem with the older models since most operators will already be experienced in handling those machines. If you consider this aspect of buying used cranes, you’ll be saving a lot of time and resources with older models as compared to the newer ones. 

Buying a quality used crane is a substantial investment for a company because of its low investment cost. In addition, used yet well-maintained machines offer a good resale value. You can regain a huge part of your capital investment if you successfully take care of the machine. Investing in a used machine means that you have the equipment readily available to carry out the tasks efficiently and promptly. With that said, used construction machinery provides better operational value because of the operators’ familiarity with the equipment.