What should you wear when you hit the gaming halls? It largely depends on where you’re playing, what games you’re enjoying, and who you’re with. Spending a day perched in front of a slot machine doesn’t usually require a tuxedo or an evening gown—to be quite honest it would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. In fact, they’re unlikely to let you through the front door. But do you go highbrow, low-key, or completely OTT?


Some prefer comfort over class, and dressing down can be a wise choice, especially if you’re intending to spend a while in the casino. Aching feet and legs can distract you from the games, and the last thing you need in a tense hand of poker is a sudden lapse in concentration. Many opt for loose-fitting casual wear with comfortable shoes. Look at any row of slot machines in Vegas and you’ll see players dressed this way, eschewing glamour in favor of comfort, locked in for the long haul. If you want to get really comfortable, why not try an online casino? You can be as casual as you like, playing slots online for real cash in your dressing gown and slippers. To really get into the spirit you could dress for the theme of your favourite slot. What about sourcing a hat and cargo pants to be an adventurer like Cat Wilde? Or perhaps you could don the elegant garb of an Ancient Egyptian.


Of course, there’s no reason you can’t wear a tux in the kitchen, either, if it enhances your experience. But if you’re out for an evening’s gambling at one of the grand casinos of Monaco, Las Vegas, or Macau, you’ll definitely want to look and feel the part. Most high-end casinos will have a fairly strict dress code which may include black tie—ripped jeans, sportswear, shorts, and baseball caps are all no-nos— and a tux or elegant dress can help punters to get into the mood for a sophisticated session of baccarat or blackjack. Even if there isn’t a dress code— many casinos on the Las Vegas strip don’t insist on specific clothing — you’ll generally see snappily dressed people hitting the card tables or propping up the roulette wheel. 

What to wear to a casinoGoing all in 

We all know that anything goes when you’re in Las Vegas, so it’s not surprising that some folks go a step further when they venture into the casinos on the strip. Mingling on the casino floor you’ll see plenty of middle-aged tourists wearing enormous ten-gallon hats, a few rhinestone cowboys living out their Elvis fantasies, and plenty of wannabe poker pros in sponsored apparel. 

Whether you look and feel fabulous or comfortable (or both), a visit to a casino should be a fun day or night out, and what you choose to wear influences that. Just remember to check the dress code before donning your glad rags!