If you want your home to stand out, you must accord your outdoor furniture the same importance as indoor furniture – even with the most exquisite indoor decor, the entire test will fail if the outdoor decor does not match the appeal. So do not wing it!

Teak Bench is quickly gaining popularity among the elite society. It is robust, durable, and easily passes the appeal test. But you might be wondering, can teak furniture be left outside in winter? Continue reading to find out. 

Can Teak Furniture Be Left Outdoors All Year Round?

This is the real question. Can teak wood be left outside through all the seasons? 

The answer is, Yes! Teak wood is the most resilient natural wood available in the market today. It has properties that allow it to survive any harsh conditions, including the freezing cold of winter. 

With teak garden furniture, you do not need to worry about finding your furniture a shelter during winter; the most you need to worry about is cleaning it often as the weather will bring all kinds of grime, dirt, and debris. 

However, if you prefer to store your furniture, we recommend putting them in a nice, dry, and unheated shed. If you place them in a moist area or cover them while still outside, chances are moisture will collect on the furniture and cause discoloration. You will be greeted with blackened surfaces once you uncover them in the spring. 

Therefore, whether you choose to leave them to survive outside or shelter them, ensure that there is no moisture accumulation, as this might damage the furniture. Also, ensure that the furniture is cleaned and dried as often as possible and there are no pools of water accumulating for long periods, as this might harm the wood’s durability. 

How to Care For Teak Garden Furniture in Winter

So how do you ensure that your teak furniture remains in good condition even in winter?

Everyone assumes that something as elegant as teak will require a great deal of care. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of all the garden furniture in the market today, teak garden furniture is the easiest to maintain. 

As mentioned before, you do not need to worry about finding shelter when the weather conditions go crazy – teak wood will survive it unscathed. But, can you paint teak wood? Well, if the wood is old and weathered, you might have some success. However, all new teak wood requires is cleaning once every so often. Other than that, teak does not require oiling, sealing, or even painting. All teak requires is cleaning once every so often. Other than that, teak does not require oiling, sealing, or even painting. 

As it ages, it may acquire an exquisite silver-grey patina that adds to its appeal without affecting the wood’s structural integrity. Even with these changes, teak does not need any intervention. 


As you can see, teak garden furniture’s appeal can last a lifetime with minimal effort. This is made possible by the many natural properties that allow it to survive anything. So you do not need to worry about leaving it outside in the winter. Teak is strong and resilient enough to survive the cold.