The idea of psychics is not new, nor is it just a tale. It has been there for many years, and millions of people embrace it, including some celebrated celebrities. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your favorite Hollywood celebrity may be a frequent customer to a psychics.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – they also need guidance to make critical decisions in their lives, including relationship and career decisions. Contrary to common misconception, celebrities don’t have a perfect life.

Just like us, they sometimes go through difficult moments that require them to seek help and guidance. That’s why a lot of them turn to psychics and spiritual gurus for advice. You, too, can consult psychics and ask them about your love life. In this post, we shall look at top celebrities who consult psychics from time to time.

Jenny McCarthy

The first on our list of the top celebrities who consult psychics before making any major decision is Jenny McCarthy. Jenny admits to having consulted many psychics, but Thomas John is her favorite.

Thomas John is known for her prediction of a new pope, a US terrorist attack, the white dress falling at the Oscars, among many others. Jenny also admits that she consulted Thomas John after getting mixed reactions from several lawyers on whether she should distribute products in Japan under her name. She says that the advice she got from the psychic helped her triple her income, incredible, right?

Brad Pitt

Another regular client of celebrity psychics is Brad Pitt. Reports indicate that Brad consults psychics when faced with challenging life choices regarding his career and his future.

While no one knows the details of these sessions, Brad admits that psychic Ron Bard has helped him make critical decisions regarding his career and life.

Jenifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity who consults psychics regularly in regards to her career. Whether it involves acting, dancing, singing, and business, the press has been awash with news of Lopez visiting psychics.

For instance, Lopez got a psychic love reading from a Los Angeles medium before canceling her wedding. It is also believed that she consulted a psychic before filming “Angel Eyes” in Toronto.

George Clooney

You probably know George Clooney for his acting, stunning looks, and political inclinations. What you probably don’t is that he had a close bond with a pot-bellied pig. Shocking, right?

Unfortunately, the pig passed away after 18 years of companionship. After the death of this pig, George admits having consulted a medium to help connect with his longtime companion.

The medium helped Clooney get closure and assured him that Maxi was happy to be his longtime companion.

Brett Eldredge

Reports have it that country singer Brett Eldredge consulted the medium Tyler Henry to connect with his late grandfather. Tyler succeeded in helping Brett connect with his grandfather, and Brett later admits that he was impressed by his ability to provide accurate information.

Taylor Swift

Another celebrity who consults psychics from time to time is Tayler Swift. It’s believed that she first encountered psychics when she was only 12 years old at a party hosted by her father.

Reports indicate that among the party attendants was a psychic reader who predicted that the world would know Taylor’s brand. Her mother, who was present, didn’t understand what that meant and thought her daughter would be kidnapped.

However, that was further from the truth as a few years later, Tayler became successful and incredibly famous. Taylor has since maintained her strong belief in psychics and their abilities. In fact, she believes that 13 is a magic number that continues to make her successful and safe.

Denise Richards

Our list of top celebrities who consults psychics before making any major decision would not be complete without Denise Richards. Denise Richards consulted psychic John Edward to help her connect with her late mother. She later revealed that her favorite psychic became friends with her mother before she died and wanted the psychics to help her reach out to her deceased mom.

Other Famous People Who Used Psychics

The above celebrities are among the many psychics who consults psychics before making major decisions. Many others, including Carmen Harra, Patti Stanger, Kirk Durham, Kelsey Grammer, Paula Abdul, etc. that we could list in this post.

Other notable figures used to consult psychics when faced with tough choices. They include Queen Elizabeth I, Princess Diana, Tony Briar, Abraham Lincoln, numerous US presidents, including Washington, Lincoln, James Garfield, etc.

Others include John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, among others.