The engagement ring is a perfect symbol of the lasting union that is marriage, and hence, it’s pretty important to choose a ring that matches your loved one’s personality. When it comes to engagements in general, it’s all about love and happiness – but we all know that there is a big factor of stress involved in the whole process. It’s not always telling what our partner would like the most – especially if they usually wear jewelry. 

All of that being said – to lower the stress level and help you choose the right engagement ring; in this article, we have listed some of the most important factors that should be considered.

Where Should You Even Begin?

As always, the trickiest step is the first one – how to start, and where? Sure, ring as a whole seems simple enough, but assembling it in such a manner that it resembles the personality of your partner is a whole different story. Don’t worry, though; once you start with the first part, the others will come off a lot easier. 

Pinpointing The Main Personality Traits

The main theme throughout this whole article is going to be the correlation of the meaning of different ring parts to your partner’s personality, so the first logical step would be, sum up what that is, in a few most important attributes. So, for example, those attributes could be: bold, adventurous, traditional, spiritual, fun, and similar, and once you have pinpointed these, let’s start with explaining how to apply it to actual jewelry.

Heard of Healing Gemstones?

If your partner likes the idea of healing crystals and believes in the power of different crystals, then you should consider opting for such a gemstone. Many different stones are believed to have different energy properties, explained by the experts At Perrys, which present various healing opportunities. Even though not everyone believes in such powers, if the person you are buying the engagement ring does – this is a perfect choice.

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The Centerpiece

When choosing the centerpiece, if you have good knowledge with stones, you would probably find navigating by their names easier than a beginner. But, if you don’t know much about stones, don’t worry, we are going to sort them into categories to make it a lot easier for you to navigate. 


Love, passion, anger – red is probably the color of our most intense emotions. Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the blood flowing through their veins, even and they believed that they held the power of life. All of that being said, choosing a scarlet ruby would be a perfect pick for a bold, passionate woman.


Blue sapphires are known to be regal, as they tend to symbolize nobility, trust, and faithfulness. Going blue is a great choice for a traditional option.


Diamonds, the most classic, timeless choice that never goes out of fashion. If you really aren’t sure what to choose, a diamond will always do the trick. Its beautiful look and elegance help in swooning a woman and melting her heart at the same time.

Why Settle With Regular Colors?

There is always an option to go for yellow, pink, purple, whatever you find most suitable. If the person you are buying it loves to experiment and have fun – they will surely appreciate something out of the box as a gift. You have the freedom to be creative to get a result that will surprise your significant other.

The Setting

So, should you opt for gold, silver, rose gold? This is also something that you should assess by asking yourself, firstly, are they a traditional person? Then, secondly, you need to consider how the setting would go with the already chosen centerpiece. If you aren’t sure about this, you can always ask your jeweler for assistance. 

The Finishing Touch Makes It More Personal

This is probably the most personal thing that you can add to the whole process, and because you know your loved one better than anybody else in the world, engraving something into the ring is a great way to show it. Perhaps there’s something personal you’d like to say with a custom inner-band engraving, something that is extremely meaningful to you both? If that’s so, go for it! Sure, stones are important, but it’s the little details like this that make all the difference.

Even though it can be stressful to choose the right ring, the truth is, if the person is right, every ring is the right one. That being said – try and not look at choosing the ring as a task that needs to be done right but as just another way of showing admiration and love. Trust your instincts, do a little bit of research, and you will surely end up picking something that your partner is going to love!