Whether you are looking to reaffirm your commitment to her or manifest a possible engagement soon, promise rings are the most beautiful ways to show your commitment to your girlfriend. A promise ring can also be used as the first step to an engagement between couples.

Promise rings are meant to last forever. For this reason, it is essential to ensure you pick the perfect type for her. Whether you choose a simple design promise ring or a silver infinity ring, here is everything you need to know about choosing the best promise ring for your leading lady.

Selection process

Choosing rings is one of the most overwhelming things you can do when it comes to buying jewelry. There are numerous styles and options, making it hard to make a pick. To ensure you make the right choice:

Consider which finger it will be worn

  • If an engagement ring eventually replaces it, it should be work in the left ring finger.
  • If it is not replaced, it should be worn on any other finger. Most people prefer promise rings to be work in the right-hand side middle or ring finger.
  • It is also possible for the promise ring to be worn as a pendant on a necklace.

Get the right ring size.

  • If you do not want her to know you’re planning to buy a ring, you can find a current ring and use a ring sizer app to know the perfect size for her.
  • You can also trace the inside of a ring on a paper and use it for sizing.
  • You can also check her rings to see if they come with size labels.

Pick her style

  • You need to decide on the metal to use and whether to include any precious stones
  • For solid bands, a silver infinity ring design is one of the best choices for promise rings.
  • Consider her fashion sense to ensure the ring goes with her style since it will be worn every day.

Consider the ring metal.

Whether you plan to shop for the promise ring locally or internationally, you need to determine the best metal for the ring. Jewelry metals include gold, sterling silver, and platinum as the most common choices, with sterling silver as the most versatile type. It is of high quality and is affordable. A sterling silver promise ring is the best choice for high-end quality at an affordable price range.

Choose the setting

Traditionally, promise rings feature a heart symbol with precious stones at the center. However, current trends include silver infinity rings that symbolize everlasting love. You can also go for other design choices depending on your preference and what you think she will like.

Make a decision

For this to be possible, you will need to compare promise rings from different sellers. Once you have made your pick, you need to find the perfect day or occasion to gift her with the ring. A promise ring is just as important as an engagement or wedding ring. Therefore, presenting it should be done in style.

Tip: promise rings should not resemble engagement rings

Since you plan on getting an engagement ring in the future, the promise ring should not be over the top to avoid outshining an engagement ring. Also, presenting a promise ring that looks like an engagement ring can confuse your girlfriend to thinking you are proposing. This is why a silver infinity ring is the best choice.

Tip 2: take your time to pick ring stones

Diamonds are the obvious choice when it comes to romantic rings. However, there are other unusual precious stone varieties you can make centerpieces for the promise ring. Birthstones are some of the ideal stone selections to include in promise rings. Gemstones and cubic zirconia can also be excellent choices for promise rings. This ensures you leave the diamond and other costly stones for your engagement and wedding rings.

Engraved rings are also perfect promise ring ideas. You can ask the jeweler to engrave the promise ring with a personal message for your loved one.