The term ‘eye strain’ refers to a group of symptoms that affect the eyes. It is not a disease but just a symptom that normally occurs if your eyes are tired of focusing on the same activity for extended periods.

Eye strain can affect your ability to carry out certain tasks, but it goes away once you give your eyes time to rest. There are different causes of eye strain, and in some cases, the symptoms can be a sign of other underlying conditions that may require treatment. Read on to learn the common causes of eye strain and how to deal with it.

Night Driving

Driving for extended hours at night can lead to eye strain since you are forced to concentrate more on the road. The dazzling light from oncoming vehicles is another common cause of strain to your eyes. Additionally, visibility at night cannot be compared with natural light, even if your car has bright lights. When traveling at night, you need to be highly alert to avoid crashes, but this puts intense pressure on your eyes. Weather elements like fog can also contribute to poor visibility where your eyes will be straining and squinting to see clearly.

Digital Devices

Technology has facilitated many aspects of our lives, and we can hardly survive without it. Studies indicate that the majority of people spend an average of four hours on their smartphones every day. Similarly, we also spend a lot of time staring at our laptops, tablets, and televisions. These gadgets emit blue light that can strain the eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light leads to disruption of specific biological processes that can affect our health and sleep patterns.

However, the good news is that you can safely continue to use your laptop, watch television, and use your smartphone with the aid of blue-light-blocking glasses or contact lenses that you can get from this website. There are different types of blue light sunglasses designed to protect your eyes against the effects of different types of harmful light. These glasses help protect your eyes against blue light and sunlight while simultaneously improving your wellbeing, eye health, and sleep quality. All the same, you may also need to limit your exposure to these rays to give your eyes enough rest. Sleeping masks can also go a long way in protecting your eyes against blue light. On top of that, you need to choose your night lights carefully to prevent or reduce eye strain.

Stress And Fatigue

It is difficult to concentrate when you have fatigue, and this can also lead to blurred vision. Fatigue is mainly caused by driving long distances and performing other activities that require extended focus. Stress can also affect your sight since it impacts your brain’s normal functioning, which controls your sight. A stressed mind cannot function well, leading to a loss of concentration in whatever activity you may be doing.

Poor Lighting

Not only blue light can strain your eyes but also poor lighting. Reading a book in a place with inadequate light can impact your eyes. When you are using natural light, make sure that it is not too bright or dull such that it affects your vision. You need to get the right light for your study room.

Bad Air Quality

Spending a lot of time in a place with bad air quality can cause eyestrain. For instance, being exposed to dry air from a fan or air conditioning system blows away the moisture in your links. This will lead to challenges in blinking. To address this, you should improve your home’s air quality or turn off the heating and cooling system. Teardrops can also help moisturize your eyes.

Do Not Spend a Long Time on One Activity

Over-concentration can lead to eyestrain, so you need to limit the time you focus on one activity. Instead of focusing on the screen continuously, it is important to consider multitasking to divert your attention to other things that can help relieve your eyes’ pressure.

strain eyes while working on the computer

If you are working on your computer or other digital devices, try to increase screen resolution or reduce the backlight. Increasing the font size can also be advantageous if you often experience eyestrain.

Eye strain can be frustrating since it affects your level of concentration when performing different activities. Many causes can lead to straining eyes, like focusing on the same exercise for an extended period. Exposure to blue light is also a leading cause of eye strain, but there are various methods that you can consider to eliminate this problem. It is vital to use blue light glasses, install the correct light in your room, and reduce the amount of time you spend looking at a digital screen.