Personal injury claims refer to legal cases that an injured person makes to seek compensation for any physical, emotional, or psychological harm caused due to the negligence of another party. Unintentional injuries are the most common cause of death in the US, with around 58k people dying annually. Some of the most common types of personal injury claims include.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These make up the majority of personal injury cases – 38,680 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2021. They include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, and more. Common injuries sustained in such accidents include bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, etc.

Premises Liability

Accidents that happen in places like stores, cinemas, parking lots, etc. fall under the umbrella of premises liability claims. Slip and fall claims are among the most common. Other claims might include being struck by a falling object in a supermarket or being electrocuted in a hotel.

Defective Products

Product liability claims account for 5% of personal injury cases. Such claims arise when a defective product causes injury to the user. Some examples include exploding e-cigarette batteries, malfunctioning household appliances, toys with detached parts that pose a choking hazard, contaminated food products, defective vehicles, etc.

Medical Malpractice

It refers to negligence committed by a healthcare professional that directly results in injury or worsened health conditions for the patient. Surgical errors, misdiagnosis leading to incorrect treatment, anesthetic errors, and medication errors are common grounds for such claims, which account for 15% of all cases each year.

Workplace Accidents

Workplaces are supposed to be safe, so when someone is hurt while at work, they may have a claim. Construction sites are the most dangerous workplace in the US, with one in five workplace accidents taking place on a construction site. 

Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring an attorney with years of experience handling personal injury cases and understanding the State laws has many advantages. For example, if you were injured in Chicago, you should consider hiring an experienced team of Chicago personal injury lawyers.

A personal injury lawyer can send investigators to the accident site to gather evidence through photographs, videos, measurements, eyewitness statements, etc. before the scene or defective product gets altered. This evidence can help prove liability. 

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance providers tend to offer quick low-ball settlements to victims. An attorney has the experience to handle negotiations and litigation to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

Calculating Accurate Injury Compensation Amount

Factors like medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering all determine the compensation amount. Calculating this requires legal expertise. A lawyer will ensure you receive your rightful due. 

Handling Legal Proceedings

There are complex legal rules and paperwork involved in injury claims. Navigating these while coping with grief and trauma can be overwhelming. Personal injury lawyers handle all litigation so you can focus on recovery.

Avoiding Statute of Limitations Issues

Every type of claim has a strict deadline or ‘statute of limitations’ ranging from 1-6 years. Filing the case after the set period leads to outright dismissal. A lawyer will promptly file your claim.

Thus, consulting a qualified personal injury attorney is extremely important for victims and families to obtain justice and maximum compensation in injury claims. An attorney with proven experience handling similar cases will best protect your legal rights.