A majority of modern cars come with cool aesthetic features to improve the car’s look. Still, car enthusiasts can go the extra mile to make their vehicles stand out from the rest. Car mods are all about putting personality and character into your car. You can either go for performance mods to get the maximum performance out of your car or stick to visual mods to work on giving the vehicle an attractive appearance. Read on as we share car mods that you can do by yourself and give your car an amazing outlook.

LED lights

A variety of LED lights are available to brighten up the car’s interior. Depending on your preferences, you can either go for the footing area to create a relaxing ambiance or let your imagination be in control and install them as you like. Instead of using single-colored LED lights, use RGB LED lights as they can be attached to a simple controller to change colors and patterns when required. Neon lights are an alternative to LEDs which can be placed on the interior and exterior as required.

Car Wrapping 

For people who like to experiment with different colors and don’t want to go through the expensive paint job routine, wrapping your ride is a good option to consider. There is an array of different styles and patterns to choose from. Therefore, explore various options and go for the one that can elevate the car’s image. Wrapping can be done all by yourself but you might need to buy a few tools like a heat gun and sheets of your preferred wrap. An alternative to wrapping is vinyl strips and cut-outs that can be pasted onto the car manually. 

Crank Up the Exhaust

Stock models have exhausts that are designed to cancel out sound created when gases from the engine travel through the exhaust system. Exhaust mufflers are added to ensure the noise is kept at a minimum. However, you might have heard the roaring sound of street-legal or muscle cars. It’s the sound of the after-market exhausts that are designed to produce the desired sound. You might be asking yourself, how can I make my car louder? Well, you can try various DIY methods which include altering the exhaust muffler in different ways or modifying various components of the exhaust system. Nevertheless, this DIY method might not be suitable for everyone as it requires a person that understands technical details. People who are good at handling tools can try out these stock exhaust altering techniques. However, it is good to review the state and federal law so that you can develop an understanding of the alterations you can do while abiding by the rules.

Installing Spoilers

Adding spoilers to your car can improve the aerodynamics, making your vehicle easier to control at high speeds. Spoilers help maintain traction by putting downward pressure on the road. If you have a car with enough horsepower, a spoiler can be considered a cool mod to install. Most spoilers can be bought easily and contain instructions for appropriate installation. However, the installation process might be a bit difficult for some individuals as it requires fastening the spoiler tightly to the vehicle’s rear with precision. 

Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of the most overlooked items in a vehicle. Most car owners stick to using stock floor mats instead of buying new ones. A variety of floor mats can be bought from your car manufacturer or car accessory retailers near you. Before you buy a car mat, make sure it can fit into your car’s foot area dimensions. Most floor mat manufacturers enlist the car make and models on their mats, making it easier to pick a mat that fits in well. 

Window Tinting

Besides giving your car a cool vibe, window tinting is a pretty useful mod that will keep you protected from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Window tinting is a pretty simple process that can vary in difficulty, depending on the quality of the tinting paper and the car make/model. Don’t hesitate to try out on your own or ask a friend to help out as mods like these are not permanent and can be removed or changed easily


There are still a variety of cool car mods like changing fender lights, adding headlight covers, installing aftermarket audio, and revamping the trunk with liners. The best way to move forward is by understanding the way you intend to modify your car, consider every option available, and proceed accordingly. Lastly, if you want to go for several mods, consider installing them one by one to ensure the mods you perceive look good in real life.