A cross-country move can be expensive, especially if you’re moving a larger household. You’ll be spending even more if you need to move antiques or larger items. Thankfully, there are many ways to cut back on the cost of moving. These are a few money-saving suggestions you should keep in mind.

Move During The Right Season

You won’t always have the option of choosing when you move. However, if you are making your schedule, you should make sure you move during a less popular season.

A lot of families opt to move during the summer, which means moving costs tend to be high during this time. If you’re able to move your move to the fall or even the winter, there will be less work for movers, which means lower rates. If possible, you should also try to move on a weekday rather than a weekend.

Lighten Your Load

How much do you need to bring with you when you move? It will help if you remember that you’re going to be spending money to transport your items. Now is the perfect time to go through your things and sell or donate the things you don’t need.

Now’s not the time to hold on to clothes that don’t fit or cling to knick-knacks taking up space. If you de-clutter and get rid of some of your unused things, you won’t just save money. You’ll be able to reduce your stress when it comes time to unpack.

Find A Moving Company With Reasonable Rates

Many people on a budget assume that they can’t afford to hire movers. However, if you shop around and explore all of your options, you may be able to connect with a moving company that charges very fair rates.

Movers will generally offer free price quotes, so you should call a few places and get an estimate alternatively you can also check 9Kilo moving companies where you can get quotes from multiple moving companies. Once you have a better idea of what movers are charging, you can see if this is an option you can afford. Since moving companies will handle many aspects of your move, hiring movers could also save you time.

See If It Makes Sense To Do Things Yourself

Long-distance moves are challenging, and doing everything yourself isn’t always the best way to save money. There are many costs to consider, from the cost of truck rental to gas expenses. You’ll also need to make sure you have the labor that you need.

Crunch the numbers and see if the DIY approach makes sense to you. If you find that you can do everything on your own and stay on budget, you should move forward. If the costs of doing everything yourself are higher than expected, you can explore some of your other options.

Try Renting A Shipping Container

If you’d like to move on your own, but want more control over the total costs, renting a shipping container is an excellent option. You can have a container brought directly to your home, where you can load it up with everything that you want to bring with you. Once you’ve finished, it will be transported to your new home, where you can unload and unpack everything.

While this option may not be viable for very large households, shipping containers are available in many sizes. If you’re comfortable doing all the heavy lifting, this can be one of the most affordable ways to move to a new state.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Discounts.

If you don’t ask for a discount, you won’t get one. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to request a discount when you’re speaking with moving companies. Tell them you’re looking for a great deal and see if they’re willing to offer you one.

In some cases, moving companies won’t be able to go any lower than the estimate that they provide you. In other cases, movers may have special packages or discount opportunities that you can take advantage of. Either way, you won’t know until you ask.

Ship Some Of Your Things

It’s possible to mail some of your belongings to your new destination. While this isn’t an option for moving furniture, you may be able to ship books, clothing, and many other possessions. This can be an affordable way to get more of your things to your new home.

Many shipping services offer calculators so that you can estimate how much shipping a box will cost you. If you calculate the cost of shipping your things and compare it against some of your other options, you can see if this is an option that makes sense for you.

Don’t Pay For Things You Can Get For Free.

You shouldn’t just focus on big ways to save. It would help if you also looked at smaller cost-cutting measures. If you’re able to save a little cash here and there, those savings will add up over time.

For example, don’t bother paying for cardboard boxes if you can get them for free from a local grocery store. If you need plastic storage containers, see if anyone in your area is giving them away. Please don’t spend money on any moving items unless it’s necessary.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cost of moving from one state to another, you should start looking at ways to save. Moving can be a big financial burden, but there are plenty of ways to lower costs and move for less.