Feel like you want more from the usual gifts? Maybe a thrilling experience you’ll be able to relive over and over again? Then you may want to get your hands on a pair of fine Designer eyewear. Each pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses connect to the brand and allow you to live through your most luxurious fantasies as you rock a chic look. From the finest and timeless Italian brands, that take you back to ancient times, to funky unique designs to match your fur coat or leather jacket.

Don’t believe you can live an experience through eyewear? Why not read on and find some of the most high-end and sleek glasses put together in this fine and exclusive gift guide just for you.

Elegance and Mystery at its Finest!

Are you the one to make for a dramatic entrance? As those high wooden doors open, announcing your presence, all heads turn round and slowly the amazement and whispers begin to fill the room. There’s something new about you and your look.

Is she a VIP, an influential leader, a treasured actress, or could she even be a royal? Nobody will know. With this pair of Gucci GG0102S 001 sunglasses, no one will be able to tell what you are thinking, leaving your grand entrance a total mystery.

Made with the finest metal and nylon, make a bold stylish statement with this pair of Gucci Celebrity sunglasses.

Gucci is a renowned global reference for fashion and is an apex for Italian craftsmanship, with elegant designs you’ll always be sure to fall to their charm and have you saying:

In the name of the Father, Son, and House of Gucci. 

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Say Hello to my Chic Best Friend!

In an ever-changing world, let’s unveil one of the most iconic and high-end brands there is which is destined to become your new best friend. Dolce & Gabbana is a brand to pride itself with fine and authentic craftsmanship from la Bellissima Italia.

Just as the history of Italy, this luxurious brand has a rich past with a logo that has remained unchanged and timeless through decades. Starting from humble origins to becoming a globally known fashion icon for men and women.

I don’t know about you, but this pair of Dolce & Gabbana DG3329 502 eyeglasses just screams glamour with a suave Havana frame embedded with rose gold temples. How else to accompany this pair if not with another timeless and stylish design of the cat-eye glasses.

Not only does Dolce & Gabbana eyewear embody a sophisticated and vibrant history, but it also provides a fully protective and clear visual experience of the modern world through a pair of Dolce & Gabbana blue light eyeglasses.

Setting the Trends with Fresh New Sunglasses

The designs may seem unusual but what better pair of sunglasses than these Balenciaga BB0003S 009 Unisex sunglasses to stand out from the crowd.

Balenciaga is known for its unique designs that unmask innovative and creative modern styles from its clothing line to its accessories. Designed for the strong women and men who look to upgrade their look with exclusive Balenciaga eyewear.

This pair of Balenciaga sunglasses are made of refined Nylon material, making the single-lens lightweight, durable and heat-resistant. Not even the rays of sunlight will block your path!

Taking a Step Back into Fine Italian History

Bvlgari is one of the oldest Italian brands, a jewelry trademark that washed over the world by taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the Roman Empire. Even its name takes from the Latin alphabet. Not surprised that this Italian brand has made it into the list.

Bvlgari’s jewelry became tremendously popular and was worn by many elites and Hollywood stars. If you aren’t much of a jewelry person but still want to lavish yourself in refined high-end Bvlgari accessories, then try out Bvlgari’s BV1108 2013 eyeglasses.

An attractive and sturdy black frame complemented by rose gold metal makes for a modern but classic style to wear day and night. A color combination in a square frame that roars out a sophisticated yet modern look.

Pretty sure even Julius Caeser would approve!

A Cup of British Couture

Let’s drift our attention to another great player in the fashion industry with its one-of-a-kind styles and designs. Britain didn’t just give us the iconic Beatles or the funky 60s, it has also given the world elegance, sophistication, and vibrant styles through quintessential British fashion.

One of the leading designers is Alexander McQueen. With humble origins, he was able to define the industry with unblemished craft and riotous designs.

Along with fine clothing lines, there are always cool accessories to complete the look. This pair of Alexander McQueen AM0137S 001 sunglasses are a great match for both men and women looking to relive moments of British Fashion.

Playing on juxtaposition is one of McQueen’s trademarks. This pair of Alexander McQueen sunglasses are integrated with a simple design of funky round frames, which were very popular in the 60s. The funky frames are in gold, a color that resembles luxury, made from the finest of nylon.

Relive the hip years of the 60s with a hint of sophistication through this pair of sunglasses as your walk through the streets of London.

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Eternal Style

If you’ve found your perfect match among these designer glasses you’ll be sure to feel as if you are also part of the brands’ rich history and timeless styles.  All the designs are high-end, made with the finest materials, and immaculate craft. The perfect gift to use year after year.

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So browse through endless designer glasses and make your style eternal for the years to come.