Are you ready to add a gazebo to your yard? You can buy one at a hardware store or shop online as there are so many styles and sizes to choose from. However, if you are feeling handy you may want to create your own. You can certainly build one of these structures yourself, although you will need some skills in woodworking. Fortunately, though, the materials you need are typically easy to find and aren’t that expensive. If you’re thinking of doing a DIY gazebo in your yard, here are a few things to keep in mind and some options that may help you move forward with your planning.

Make Sure You’ve Done Your Paperwork

In most cities, if you’re adding a structure that is smaller than 100 square feet in size, you don’t need any type of building permit. Some locations don’t require permits for gazebos and other structures that do not have walls and are, therefore, not considered buildings. If you have any questions about whether or not you need a permit for your gazebo, you can contact your city’s permit office. If you do, the paperwork is typically straightforward, and the fee is usually very affordable.

Do Some Research

There are a number of different styles of gazebo you can build. Before you begin buying materials, take the time to do some research into gazebo plans and styles. You will want to learn about the different techniques you will need to use to build your gazebo as well as the materials and tools that will be needed. Reading up about building gazebos will also help you learn about some of the common mistakes others have made so you can avoid them. Don’t forget to reach out to experts if you need any help or have questions.

Foundation or No Foundation?

You can place your gazebo on a cement pad or on a foundation of pavers, but you can also create a gazebo that had no floor or foundation at all. If you don’t plan on creating a foundation, you will want to make certain your gazebo is sturdy and durable. The last thing you want is for someone to lean against the side and the entire gazebo to fall over. If you plan on placing down a cement foundation, make certain you’re not putting it over buried utility lines or pipes.

Stand-Alone or Attached?

Another question to ask before you create your DIY gazebo is whether or not you want to attach it to your home. While this gives the structure more of a patio look, it can be ideal for smaller yards or if you want to make use of your current patio as the floor of the gazebo. These gazebos also often require fewer materials since the side of your home makes up one side. You are, however, somewhat limited in where you can place an attached gazebo. You may not be able to make it the size you’d like, and there may be issues such as power lines or tree limbs that you have to consider as well.

Buy a Pre-Made Kit

If going everything yourself is more than you want to take on, you can purchase a pre-made gazebo. These gazebo kits provide everything you need to the exact measurements needed, so you don’t have to say anything or worry about finding the materials yourself. You do still have to set up the gazebo, but you receive step by step instructions for doing so.

You will also have to prepare the space for the gazebo, of course, but everything else is done for you. These pre-made gazebos are often so simple to put together that you can have it done in an afternoon. They are also quite affordable, too. In fact, once you add up all the materials you would have to purchase on your own, it’s very possible that buying a pre-made kit is more affordable.