Everyone is constantly searching for the ultimate relaxing holiday. They’ll try beaches, caravans and quaint Cotswold villages, generally staying closer to home to minimize the effort between getting to and from places. The options are undoubtedly great, but nevertheless, many people leave these places feeling that, in terms of relaxation, they didn’t quite hit the spot in the end.

Still, tourist numbers in the UK are down while global figures continue to rise, so perhaps the more tranquil experiences lay beyond your own borders. Could it be more relaxing further afield from home?

Consequently, here’s why cruises are the ultimate relaxing holiday.

No repetitive formalities

Repetitive formalities are the bane of any holiday. Taxis, airport queues, going through customs, flight delays, passport and boarding pass checks, more taxis, hotel check-ins etc – it can all get very overwhelming very fast. For those looking to relax, this run of the mill routine is almost enough to ruin a holiday before it’s even started.

Cruise ships have a distinct advantage here. Once you’ve boarded, that’s it! Your bags are taken care of, your cabin is already prepared, and there’re a couple of meager formalities to attend to at best. You can sit back and relax without a care in the world from then on. It might sound like a small thing to consider, but holidays are so much more relaxing when your mindset is free of worry, stress or endless to-do lists!

No itinerary

If it were at all possible, you can do even more nothing once you’ve set sail! This is because those manning the cruises do all the work for you, especially as far as an itinerary goes. For example, some cruise experts like Jules Verne intricately plan and organize their own cruise experiences for passenger satisfaction. They’ll pick the best time of year to set sail and explore all the nooks a river or coastline has to offer.

In a sense, it’s an exclusive kind of experience. You don’t need to get up early in the morning and print out documents of things to do and research everything beforehand. Food and drink are all onboard, instead of in shops located a couple of miles away. Furthermore, there won’t be any opportunities to argue with your family or friends about where you’re going to go and when you’re going to go either! What could be more relaxing than that? 

The scenery comes to you

It’s obvious, but it’s worth stating all the same. Holidays that take place on foot or by car require a lot of effort just to travel around. Car rentals, refueling, rest stops, traffic – it can all deplete every drop of your patience in a speedy fashion. Because of these things, it can sometimes be that you don’t appreciate the actual journey; or the scenery that passes you by, unnoticed. 

Not so with a cruise! The scenery quite literally comes to you, from towns and cities to mountains and hilly landscapes. Even the glistening water of oceans and rivers can be a perk in themselves too, and you’re free to take in your surroundings without a shred of responsibility. Once that kind of pressure is off, you may just appreciate the actual journey a little bit more!


So, there you have it! Cruises are the most relaxing holiday available because, quite simply, everything is done for you. Trust in the crew and unwind – there are no consequences that will come your way, and your holiday will be just as perfect as it can be!