Are you on the hunt for the cutest dog breed in the world but can’t seem to narrow your list down? Do you want to own your very own adorable dog but aren’t sure which are the cutest breeds? 

What is your favorite breed of dog? Is it a cute little puppy, or maybe a big shaggy pup with a wagging tail? Whatever type of canine you prefer, there are plenty of breeds that will make your heart melt. 

From the American toy to the French bulldog, there is an endless list of adorable dogs. With the help of We Love Doodles, here we have compiled a list of some of the cutest dog breeds in the world. Read on if you want to see our top picks. 


 There are so many different dog breeds and choosing just one to be the cutest is difficult. Everyone has their preferences, and some people may prefer certain breeds over other breeds. This list of dog breeds that are the cutest is just our opinion.

first up on our list of absolutely adorable dogs is the Goldendoodle. Goldendoodles are a mixed breed and they are a cross between golden retrievers and poodles. They have the signature golden coat of a golden retriever and the curls of a poodle. 

These pups were bred to be companions and make great family dogs. If you are looking for a cute dog for your family a golden doodle might be the perfect fit. Look for a Goldendoodle breeder like ABCs Puppy Zs that will provide you with an exceptional pet. Just like any other dog, they need regular exercise and mental stimulation, but this is easily done with a daily walk and some toys.

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

Yorkshire Terrier

The next cute puppy we have on our list of the cutest dog breeds in the world is the Yorkshire Terrier. These small dogs are considered little Divas and are seen as handbag dogs. Many people think of them as regularly pampered which makes them adorable.

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dog that was bred to chase rats and kill them in houses. However, this is not their job anymore and they are just cute faces and a great family companion.

Commonly referred to as Yorkies, these pups are happy to be lap dogs and you’re dating you and giving you attention. They love to play and are very energetic but because of this size, they can get all the exercise they need in a small home.

beagle dog breedBeagle

If you are looking for those signature puppy dog eyes, then the beagle is the dog for you. These floppy-eared dogs are said to keep their puppy-like face for years and years, and only start to show signs of age when their fur starts going grey. 

They were initially bred to be hunting dogs, but now most people have them at home to be the family pet and to have a companion. They love exploring and taking them out regularly for walks and explorations is a great idea. 

Other than that, they are not very high maintenance and are a great breed to have a home, especially if you are a puppy lover. 

Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is yet another breed that stays a puppy for a very long time. They have incredibly soft fur, and their floppy ears and short snout give them the look of a puppy that lasts their entire life. 

These pups are some of the cutest you will come across and are said to have a heart of gold. They love to cuddle up and spend time with you, but they also love to be outside playing interactive games. 

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds dog breed


Last but not least, we have the dachshund. This little stretch of a dog is also referred to colloquially as a sausage dog, and this is because of its shape which looks stretched out with stubby little legs. 

These short dogs are great tiny guard dogs and will bark until you come to see what’s wrong. While they may be loud, they are also incredibly sweet and absolutely adorable to look at. 

These pups are lively and full of energy, but they love a good cuddle now and again.