Hair fall doesn’t just make us look all shabby but is also very capable of revealing just how meager our lifestyle choices are. But alas, since it has become so prevalent in the current setting, therefore people have started taking this issue very lightly. In fact, research just put light on this problem – today, by the age of 50 only, around 85% of men start experiencing severe hair loss issues like balding! This is precisely why men’s hair loss treatments are becoming so common, and companies such as Calecim have powerful products that can help

Even women are not spared from hair fall problems. It’s almost as if – no matter what age group or gender you belong to, whether you eat the most wholesome food or survive on junk – hair loss is a nightmare that manages to creep into your life.

No wonder those hair product commercials nowadays never miss out on a chance to promise you a life free of hair fall. But deep down, we all know – hair loss has become a new-age lifestyle issue, and no shampoo can ever fix that. But here are 5 super useful tips that are sure to help you manage your hair loss:

1. Protein is your best friend

Just in case you forget that biology lesson, allow us to take you down memory lane. Each hair strand is made up of a special kind of protein called keratin. And trust us, your poor nutrition is huge to be blamed for myriads of hair falling through your scalp.

So, eating protein-enriched food is the first step towards managing hair fall. Eggs, cheese, and chicken must be included in the diet. If you are a vegan, try adding more lentils, beans, tofu, oats, or flaxseeds to your regular meals. The list is legit endless and yummy!

2. Coconut Oil is a savior

Unlike most South Asian countries, other parts of the world still do not believe in the wonders of a good head massage. But now that the rate of balding has started escalating so rapidly, it’s high time that they should.

A dry scalp is yet another major reason behind hair fall. When the scalp is dry, hair tends to fall out more easily than usual. That’s because your scalp probably produces less sebum, which is necessary for hair strength.

So, massaging the scalp with enriched oils, especially coconut oil, is again very helpful in hair loss treatment. Coconut oil prevents protein loss, thereby reducing hair loss to a high extent. And also, the whole process is too therapeutic and relaxing!

3. Hydration is crucial

If you were badly in search of one more reason to drink more water, we’re perhaps giving you the best one! Who doesn’t fancy having hair as thick and luscious as Barbie’s?

And what if we tell you that you can achieve that Goddess-like hair just by keeping a check on your water consumption? Uber is cool, right?

Well, it’s true – hydration is not only important for the insides of your body but also for skin and hair. If you drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated, hair loss itself will lower eventually. So, go on, take a sip of water!

4. Wet hair is a no-no

Yes, yes – hydration is necessary. But wait, that does not mean you are free to keep your delicate hair exposed to wetness for hours on end!

The catch here is, if you keep your hair wet for prolonged hours, it messes with hair’s natural protein and serum, thereby increasing hair fall. We all know that a strand of hair is much weaker and easily breakable when it is wet.

So, do away with the habit of air-drying your hair. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after a wash – but make sure the dryer is in its lowest heat setting and held at least 6 inches away from the hair!

dealing with hair loss

5. Less heat styling

As if we needed to validate it! Heat styling is one of the prime reasons why hair fall rates, especially in women, have gone up so badly. On an everyday basis, we have become prone to indulging in heat styling, which is severely bad for our mane health.

So, last but never least, quit or try reducing the frequency of heat styling your hair. It will prove to be immensely helpful in dealing with hair loss.

Over to you…

Hair loss can be stressful to deal with. But, it’s never too late to reverse its effects. Here, we listed 5 tips to treat hair loss. Follow this guide and see the results for yourself.