Dogs are a man’s befriend. They also provide endless companionship to the people around them. People keep dogs as pets; however, it is the responsibility of the dog owners to take care to prevent their pets from injuring people or damaging property. Consequently, millions of people bitten by dogs suffer in silence. When one sustains a dog bite, it can have legal, medical, and financial constraints. It would be appropriate if you always looked after yourself around dogs. However, it is vital to know the steps you need to take if you get bitten by a dog.

Steps To Follow When Bitten By Dog 

It is critical to know that every dog owner has a legal responsibility to prevent their pets from biting people. Whenever a dog hurts someone, the dog owner has to reimburse the victim for the medical expenses incurred, the time lost at work, and for the pain and suffering. The dog owner should cover all the victim’s costs to go back to living everyday life. The following steps should guide you if, unfortunately, you become a victim of a dog bite.

1. Speak With a Lawyer 

Dog bites are common occurrences, and some attorneys specialize in handling dog bite insurances, lawsuits, and claims. It is vital to speak to an attorney about your dog bite as it can have adverse effects, affecting your work and everyday life. The attorney handling the dog bite cases usually are well versed in assisting their client in arriving at a proper amount in terms of compensation. The amounts involved are often a calculation for the lost income, protection earning, and any other effect that the dog bite may have caused in your life. In addition, the dog bite attorney in this legal firm is instrumental in dealing with the other party’s insurance company. The attorney can renegotiate a settlement on your behalf.

dog bite vaccination for rabies

2. Seek Medical Attention Immediately 

When you sustain a dog bite, the first step is to get medical attention. A dog bite is dangerous as it can turn to rabbis if the dog is not vaccinated. Seek medical attention as your soonest option; the wounds are prone to infections. Always keep all the medical reports from the doctors. The reports come in handy when filing for a claim.

3. Exchange Information 

Like any other accident, you should exchange information with the dog owner. The exchange of information is essential to verify whether the dog has been vaccinated and get the dog’s vaccination history. The information should include the person’s name, contact, location, and address.

4. Get Names And Contacts Of Any Witnesses

It is essential to get names and information for witnesses. The witnesses help in giving an account of what transpired. The witness’s statement is crucial in validating the visible injuries, just in case you and the dog owner disagree. The report can help if the case goes to court; this is good evidence.

5. Get Pictures 

If it is possible, try and get a picture of the bite and the dog too. You can also ask people around to help you; pictures are also another way of getting as much evidence as possible. Also, take pictures of the vicinity. The images might support your version of what happened.

6. Report The Incidence To The Animal Control Authorities 

Reporting to the animal control authorities is of importance whenever anyone sustains a dog bite. It is essential since the dog may not be wearing a license tag. In many states and cities, it is a requirement that a dog undergoes quarantine after it bites someone to check if it’s rabid. So the authorities try to pick up the dog for that purpose. Also, check for records at the animal control department whenever the dog is vaccinated or bitten by someone else. This information is crucial as you can use it to negotiate with the owner or, better still, for a court case.

Suffering a dog bite is a distressful experience, it is upsetting and painful, and it negatively affects your life. It can cause trauma, mainly since people think of a dog as a best friend or loyal pet. Dog bites develop an uncomfortable situation for the owner as well as the victim. Keep in mind that as much as dogs are man’s best friend, they are animals, and they have the potential to cause harm. Suppose you or your child happens to get a dog bite; follow the points above. No matter the situation or the severity of the dog bite. In that case, the first thing is always to seek medical attention.