The world of business has been drastically changing since women became a staple on the scene in the 1970s. Since the very beginning, women have felt an enormous amount of pressure on their actions and appearance while occupying all levels of business.

Getting ready and choosing what to wear can become a daunting task in the morning when all of a sudden, every outfit feels either too stiff or just not appropriate. So we are going to show you how to take your everyday wardrobe and turn it into business casual chic.

Simple additions, like accessories and glasses, can help elevate your look. High end branded glasses can elevate even a casual outfit that helps you ultimately rule the boardroom. Consider Overnight Glasses, for example, Overnight Glasses is best known for its branded eyewear and can turn your plain suit into a stylish choice with the right shades.

Now, let’s transform your wardrobe…

Style is an Expression

Every individual has a sense of style that not only embodies how they feel and who they are but how they want to present themselves to the world. Clothes can be a major part of self-expression, first impressions, and overall mood. There is nothing like clearing the Monday blues by wearing your favorite red-orange Prada glasses or toting the ultimate durable, black Valentino bag.

Whatever you want to be can be expressed in what you wear and how you wear it. There are no rules for that, rock what you love, and the right jobs, situations, and people will be attracted to it.

Bring on The Bright

There is nothing like someone walking into a meeting and changing the game with white slacks and bright tortoiseshell Burberry glasses. Confidence speaks volumes, gains the attention of co-workers, and the higher-ups while projecting to the crowd that you are ready to engage.

So don’t shy away from the bright eyewear or shoes, accompany these with the right calmer shades to match, and you will be making a statement that you are ready to take charge. This will project great confidence, even if you are not 100% feeling it that day.

Quality Over Quantity

Since you can tend to see the same people at the office every day, it can get exhausting to try and not be an outfit repeater. It feels like people may know your whole wardrobe, and it’s too much to wear a fabulous outfit once every two weeks.

Quality will always win over quantity, a great black blazer, or the perfect red shoes can easily be transitioned into multiple great outfits that don’t look the same and are always stylish.

Not only can they be easily used in a number of your outfits, but they will last longer! We all know what it’s like to arrive at the office with a hole in our sweater we didn’t catch or pants that are so itchy, we wonder why we bought them in the first place! Quality items will feel comfortable and last forever. They will express quality – just like your work!

Back the Blazer

Nothing asserts professionalism more than the perfect fitting long black blazer. If you don’t have one, run, don’t walk to the mall and find a good fit. This article of clothing can be added to just about any look and any color scheme.

On top of being able to match all the necessary outfit components, this jacket is modest, looks flattering on everyone, and presents an air of confidence and professionalism. You can work in the finance industry, retail, or restaurant, and you will always look and feel put together in the perfect black blazer.

Groom to Bloom

How you take care of yourself matters. Let me repeat it, your health and body wellness comes first and will always be more important than the outfit. Yes, your co-workers are going to notice if you don’t wash your hair for a week, but no, it is not the end of the world if a zit appears midday before a meeting.

Some things are just a part of life. You won’t always nail your makeup, but you can still have clean skin, hair, and keep up personal hygiene. You are always going to be close to people in the workplace, so make sure the factors that are controllable are managed – like a clean smile, no sweat smell, and clean fingernails.

Command Respect

This statement seems bold, but the best leaders walk into a room, and they don’t yell or force people to notice them, they create an air of respect. The room shifts and changes when an ultimate leader walks in; this is exuded in everything from attitude to outfit.

Nice fitting clothes, modest outfits, and classy professionalism will have people looking at you in all of those ways. Come into the room haphazard and struggling with your belt on backward, and that is how everyone will look at you – struggling and haphazard.

Commanding respect is in the close-toed heels on your feet or that sharp black blazer.


So much of style is what you do with it, how you project it, and when you wear it. There is a time and place for everything, but the 7-inch open-toed stilettos are not for the office. It just sounds like a painful day for your feet.

Do rock the heck out of your stilettos at the club later, but don’t be afraid of a sturdy heel in the office space, bring on the height! There are plenty of good options out there for the more conservative office spaces, like a chunky wedge or kitty heel – both of which will give your feet what they need to get through the day.

Trends come in various shapes and sizes, but true style comes from within. Your style and expression will exude into your workplace, so just like your work – be intentional and do your best!

“A woman can never be overdressed or overeducated.” -Oscar Wilde.