To drill a hole, it is necessary to use a special set of equipment and mechanisms that are placed on the surface of the ground. These are drilling rigs, which you can see here–c88. The industry where this equipment is most common is the oil and gas industry. If we take a smaller scale, you can buy drilling rigs for construction, installation, and extraction of minerals from the bowels of the ground.

This equipment consists of several parts. These are pipes, pumps, machines for cleaning flushing fluid, a derrick that fixes the hoist system, and, of course, mechanisms for moving tools up and down. It also consists of devices to automate the operation of complex, measures.


Today there are many classifications that allow you to divide drilling rigs into different types. The classification criteria are:

  • mode of travel;
  • type of machine operation;
  • the location of the device;
  • the option of drilling a well;
  • type of equipment drive.

If we classify products according to the place of installation, we divide models into ground and marine. According to the depth of the well, there are shallow, deep, and medium-depth devices. In terms of method of movement, there is self-propelled, mobile, and stationary equipment.

You can find electric, diesel, and electro-hydraulic specialized machines. The type of drive mechanism is the basis for this classification. There are production machines, machines for drilling technical boreholes, and exploration machines available on the market.

Features of a small-sized rig

The small-sized drilling rig is in great demand among consumers. Some like their relatively low cost, and some are inspired by the convenience of work. The other advantages of this equipment include:

  • compactness;
  • maneuverability;
  • ease of transportation.

If you need to solve any problems at remote sites, to make the move in areas with dense construction, then only small-sized equipment can cope with it. Taking into account the fact that the construction contains fewer complex components, and heavy vehicles or crawler platforms are not needed as chassis, the production of such equipment requires lower costs. And it affects the fact that these drilling rigs have an affordable price.


Today, it is offered to buy a new model, which no one has ever used. If this is an important point for you, then it is worth choosing this option. If you just want to do the job qualitatively, and safely, then a used drilling rig is considered a good option for you. It is good because it has already been tested in practice, and check for compliance with the properties declared by the manufacturers.

Before you drill, you should know more about the environmental conditions: in what area are you going to do it, what rocks prevail there, and how deep the underground water is. Then the water drilling rig will be selected perfectly, it will make a well of the required size and give you access to the most important resource – clean water.