Regardless of the type of business you run, it is important to look after your premises. Even if you only get the occasional visitor, you will want to make a good impression. Your workforce will also appreciate having somewhere pleasant to work. With that in mind, we have put together a few very easy ways to improve any business premises.

Update your signage

Signs, like the ones sold at, are something that most business owners only pay any attention to when they move into new premises. At that stage, they make sure that all of the signage they need to comply with the regulations that are in place. In particular, safety signs. They also tend to label important offices and rooms.

But, after that, there is a tendency to completely forget about keeping that signage up to date. Over time, things are moved around, and the regulations are changed. Perhaps the d├ęcor is updated too, but, often, the signs are not.

So, it is a good idea to periodically audit your signs and replace the ones that are looking a bit tatty. As well as add more. If you currently have paper signs up, consider replacing them. The best business sign firms can easily print anything you want onto a sheet of durable plastic. They are far cheaper than you think.

Refresh your paintwork every few years and clean regularly

It is wise to redecorate every few years. This will keep your workspace looking fresh and modern. Decorating also forces you to throw out things that you no longer use. This makes it far easier for you to keep things clean and tidy. Studies show that productivity improves when people operate in this kind of workplace. The infographic on this page contains the facts and figures that demonstrate this.

Update your branding

Each time you decorate your business premises, take a critical look at your branding. You need to make sure that it has not become too outdated and that it still appeals to the demographic you are trying to attract. This brief article will help you to decide whether or not to change things like your logo, business colors, fonts, and strapline.

Many business owners are reluctant to update their branding because they believe that doing so will cost a lot of money. Potentially, you can do most of the design work yourself. There will be a cost involved in replacing letterheads, uniforms, and updating signage and decals. However, in reality, these are all things that most businesses replace every few years, regardless of branding updates. Or, if they do not do so, really should.

Nothing is worse than your workforce wearing faded uniforms or arriving in a van with a peeling decal. Updating your branding periodically ensures that you replace all of these things often enough not to leave a bad impression with your existing or potential clients.

The above are only simple things. But, taking the time to do them regularly will make a positive difference to your business.