The evolution and technological advancement that humanity has witnessed over the past century or so has been incredible, but it came at a price. The environment suffered greatly at the hands of industrialization and technology. Fortunately, people are now much more aware of the problems and challenges that face the environment. Countries are trying to become more proactive in reducing their carbon footprints, but individuals have to play their roles as well. One of the easiest ways to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint is how you move around. Here are some eco-friendly ways you can get around. 

On Foot

Just like the primitive man, you can always use your feet to get around. Evolution has led human beings to lead sedentary lifestyles, where we rarely move to go somewhere. You often use the latest ride-hailing app to get to any café or cinema, and subways, buses, or cars to get to work. While some commutes are too long to make on foot, there are plenty of other ones where you can ditch the car and move around. Instead of taking a cab to the restaurant that’s two blocks away, walk there. If your work is a walking distance, then you don’t need to take a car. This is great for the environment because you’d be significantly reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also an efficient exercise that would keep your body healthy and fit.

riding a bicycle is another eco friendly way to get around town


Cycling to your destinations is also a great way to go around without any significant damage to the environment. Riding a bicycle is undoubtedly easier than walking, but it has the same minimal impact on the environment. You could also consider using an electric bicycle, which makes pedaling much easier and can make your rides uphill significantly easier and less straining. Using a bicycle saves you a lot of money compared to a car, where you will have to pay for the gas, maintenance, and a ton of other expenses that come with owning a car. Bicycles are also a great exercise and will help you stay in shape. So, you will have moved around in an eco-friendly way and burned some fat in the process.

Use Public Transportation 

If you can neither cycle nor walk to work, then public transportation should be next on your list. This is one of the great upsides of living in a city where you will find solid public transportation networks that you can use. The great thing about public transportation is it means one less car on the road whenever someone decides to take a bus or the subway. With fewer cars on the road, there is a reduced carbon footprint, which the environment needs. Using public transportation also saves you money compared to getting and using a car. 

Smarter Commute

The goal is to reduce the number of vehicles and motors on the road to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment. This doesn’t just concern the means you use to get around, but also how you do it. A smarter commute is better for the planet and for your time and effort as well. Try to combine your daily commute with errands to reduce the number of times you have to leave the house and get around. Stop by the supermarket or hardware store on your way back, instead of making a dedicated trip for the errands. This saves you a ton of effort, and it also reduces the number of hours you spend on the road, which is better for the environment. 


Carpooling is a great example of a smarter commute. Instead of you and the three colleagues who live next to you taking four separate cars to work, you can carpool and split the gas money. This naturally is much better for reducing the carbon footprint, and it also saves all four of you a lot of money. Carpooling reduces the maintenance needs of each vehicle, as well. When you use a different car every day to get to work, this delays the effects of wear and tear on the vehicles and prolongs their lifetime. 

These might seem like serious changes to your lifestyle, but they are all relatively simple if you think about it. You need to decide to live a greener life and pay more attention to nature and how we can protect it. Small changes like these can have a significant impact on the environment when a lot of people do it. In the long run, we will enjoy a better and healthier planet for it, and our children will inherit a healthier environment.