By now, nearly everyone with even the smallest bit of knowledge about the fashion world knows that the right pair of shoes can elevate an outfit to the next level from the ankles up. And as the most popular shoe style out there, sneakers have been front and center of this role for decades.

But with so many options available to us nowadays, narrowing down exactly what you are after might feel like a daunting task. Especially if you aren’t planning on buying 50 different pairs of shoes to give yourself options. And while your own style plays a big part in deciding what to choose, there are some boxes everybody should tick, whether it be classic chuck taylors NZ or high-tops. 

Before You Begin

There are 1000s of sneaker options available in today’s fashion world. Each pair contains a unique design, color match, pattern, and fit that appeals to certain people. It is nearly impossible to see and review every single option out there. So what may seem expensive and extravagant to one person can very easily be cheap and cheerful to someone else. 

But it’s this range that actually works in our favor. We all have unique styles and tastes that we want to style in such a way that makes us feel confident and comfortable. Assess your current wardrobe and figure out precisely what you are looking for. You don’t want to break the bank through indecision because investing in good quality and expensive sneakers will pay for themselves in the long run. 

Everyday Wear

For everyday wear, you want a sneaker that is comfortable and versatile. It needs to be an option that can match most of your wardrobe and a shoe that is easy to clean and maintain. You might be tempted to look for a sneaker with fancy padded soles and special material, but this could actually prove to be your downfall. 

While padded soles feel more comfortable in the short-term, prolonged wear will show how little support sneakers like these offer. For that reason, opt for something with solid rubber or silicon sole but padded insteps and arch supports. Breathable, lightweight materials are ideal for shoes like these as they keep your feet cool and airy. But be careful with rain and water exposure, as the fabric will do a poor job of keeping moisture out. 


Classic sneakers, like Nike Air Max, are a piece of fashion history. They are shoes that will never go out of style and get reimagined every year through collaborations with designers worldwide. Because of this legacy, purchasing a pair for yourself will give you a timeless option for any time of the year. When styling these, the focus is only on the shoes, with your outfit acting as a neutral backdrop to highlight them further. 

Due to their popularity, you may have to spend more to get the perfect pair, but if you are passionate about fashion or just footwear, it will be an investment worth making. 

Rough Around

Although fashion sneakers are easily the most popular footwear option available, sneakers don’t always need to make a statement to be worthy of purchase. Having a regular pair of sneakers in your wardrobe for working out, getting out into nature, or doing DIY around the house is a sensible and very practical purchase. 

These sneakers don’t follow any rules besides function. They can be bright and bold or dull and boring. It’s really up to you and what you can find that fits the brief. A rather uninspiring choice, but no less important than the others on this list. 


This is going to be the category in which you splurge. Luxury sneakers feel like heaven on your feet, taking an already stylish outfit and pushing it above and beyond. So many fashion labels and designers have ventured into the sneaker market that finding luxurious designer sneakers is very easy. 

The thing about luxury, however, is that it depends on how you interpret that word. For people more interested in sports, it will be shoes that are largely influenced by sportswear and primarily made by sports brands. For those leaning closer toward traditional fashion labels, you will be more inclined to purchase footwear designed by these iconic names. 

This option should be sneakers you reserve for the most important occasions, which could translate into wearing them only a few times a year. It will extend their shelf life tremendously but might make it harder to justify the price tag. Ultimately, if you have decided to spend big on classic designs, this is a category you can probably skip. 

Maintenance Tips 

Maintaining sneakers is an integral part of extending their usage and overall appearance. It might feel like a laborious task, but it can be broken down into three or four simple steps you need to follow off the internet. 

Considering how much you could potentially spend on these items, the effort is worth the payoff, as some people see classic sneakers as an investment piece for their future. This is not uncommon in the fashion world and a massive motivating factor to keep them pristine.