Around the office there are tasks here and there that you can pull off, despite maybe not having the right tools and training. On worksites, this is not the case and nor should it be. Crane trucks are responsible for moving and lifting large units. They are invaluable tools on a construction worksite and can bring enhanced productivity to your site if used correctly. Find out just how these crane trucks can get operations moving faster for you, so that you can get back to work quicker.

What are crane trucks? | Crane trucks are large trucks that move and suspend large units. The need to move heavy loads is the name of the game for most construction sites and crane tracks are the vessel to get that done. Crane trucks are a more economical form of crane hire as they provide the dual service of lifting as well as transportation. They are unique designed so that they can perform heavy tasks, and are manufactured to ensure safety to the driver, as well as the environment in which it is operating. There are different types of crane trucks, so make sure that you are selecting the right model for the tasks you need to perform and the size of space that you are doing it in.

When crane trucks are ideal | Crane tracks are ideal for many industries and construction sites. They are chiefly used to lift and transport heavy items. Typical users of crane trucks would be those in the mining, construction, and recycle and waste industries. The tyres on crane trucks are specifically manufactured to be able to provide skid steer performance on rough surfaces while lifting and transporting heavy goods. Crane trucks will be required if you intend to lift units between 2.9 and 200 tonnes.

Types of crane trucks | Depending on your individual needs, there are a range of crane trucks available, such as Hiab cranes, Franna cranes and mobile cranes. More commonly used crane truck models would be the; 12 Tonne Crane Truck (7.5m long, 21m reach), Crane Semi (12m long, 15m reach). Many users of crane trucks also consider tilt tray options. These crane trucks are available in your local area, and if you require a crane truck to assist with lifting and transporting up to 200 tonnes it can be arranged with your local crane truck providers. Be sure to explain the needs you have and your requirements of the truck so that the right model can be prescribed to you.

Who can operate crane trucks? | To operate a crane, one must acquire a crane licence. This is the case for standard and mobile crane operators. For crane truck drivers, they must have a crane license as well as complete crane truck training. Depending on your use, your worksite and the provide of the crane trucks this training requirement will vary. There are video training clips available on the internet, and it is customary that a drive will learn from or shadow another crane truck provider before administering. There is also the option that the crane trucks providers not only rent the crane trucks, but complete the task also. Find out who can operate a crane truck in your worksite.

Crane trucks make a world of difference on a worksite, and can turn a mess into a clear construction zone in a matter of hours. If you have heavy units that need transporting, moving or lifting – consider a crane truck for your operation. They can lift up to 200 tonnes, and the specially engineered trucks and tires are designed to withstand rough surfaces and heavy lifting.