New Age refers to spiritual or religious beliefs and practices that used to happen early in the 1970s in the western world. Individuals may decide on how they worship their god and often meditate to connect with their supreme being.

Different people always have different practices, and sometimes, it becomes difficult to determine whether they should continue or stop with these practices. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the questions you always want to ask but never had the courage to, concerning the New Age. Let’s check into this article:

How did the New Age Movement Begin? Is it still in Practice?

According to most sources, the New Age began early in the 1970s. It started mainly because of wars and drug use, which led to an increase in meditation. As people yearned for peace, love, and unity, they sought spiritual power and enlightenment, which eventually led to the New Age movement. The New Age movement was launched by an American theosophist, David Spangler, and is connected to some wave of spiritual energy. New Age practices and beliefs are still in place in the new world, and most individuals still practice it.

What are the Basic beliefs of New Age members?

There are several beliefs connected to the new age. Some of these beliefs include:

  • Monism: This is where everything is regarded as one. It means there is no difference between you and a cow or tree. Everything is one according to the god they look up to.
  • Pantheism: This ideology means everything belongs to god. There is nothing more important than the other. Grass, tree, animals, or people, everything is supreme, and we are all part of the large group that creates these things.
  • Syncretism: This term means all religions are one. There is none better than the other. Its members believe that there are so many ways to reach their god, and it’s not through anyone.

What is channeling?

Channeling means getting a message directly from spirits through a medium. It is whereby members cease to be conscious and let spirits use their bodies. Once the spirit does delivery of the message, it leaves the medium. There are also limitations on how this can be done. Matt from uses ways of the mystics, magicians, and mavericks to help you rediscover your magic through intuitive oracle readings, guided rituals, and mystical workshops and can help you rediscover this channeling process. In summary, channeling is a way of communication between New Age members and the spirits.

What are Crystals, and how do New Age Members use them?

According to information available online, crystals attract and store energy from spirits. Members always believe they need to harmonize themselves with the universe, and the only way they can do this is by having vibrations caused by these crystals.

These crystals are used to heal, contact spirits, and also reach a higher consciousness. Energy from these crystals can be obtained by holding them, meditating on them, or near their presence. That’s the reason why some New Age members put on these crystals.

Is Yoga part of the New Age Movement?

Yoga originated from India and is mostly connected with Hinduism. According to the article posted on Yoga Journal, there is a conflict with this, and it has given experts’ and scholars’ views regarding the same. Yoga comes in different forms. It helps you keep fit and frees your mind. It’s for this reason that people from different religions practice it. There is no way we can link Yoga to New Age beliefs, but if you recite a prayer or words with meaning while doing it, well, it’s upon you to decide your intentions. Some may be connected with the New Age spirits, while others might be ordinary exercises.

Do New Age users believe in Life after death?

Reaching a higher consciousness is one of the goals for New Age users. They also believe in a better cycle after Life ends. Karma is also one of their beliefs, meaning they understand what you do here on earth, will be paid unto you in your next Life. What does this mean? It merely implies that they believe in Life after death, and one gets paid according to their deeds.

There are other questions you can ask yourself about the New Age, including famous members, connection with other religions, and influence, among others. This article has highlighted the primary six and has given details about them, which we hope, has put off some fears which you had concerning the new age practice. You will find these questions and much more coming up, of which you can seek assistance from experts and other online articles.