Halloween is a time to celebrate all things spooky and scary, so it seems only fitting to celebrate Halloween with sweets. But what are the best Halloween treats? The answer is anything goes, as long as it’s not going to ruin your health. Nonetheless, this post will cover some tips to choose the best mixture of healthy and fun.

Choose For Fun

Aside from the scary costumes and parties, candy is the thing most often associated with it. Therefore, you should choose some treats that will make your kids happy (and allow you also to indulge your sweet tooth). To that end, it’s a good idea to visit some dedicated candy shops to see what they have to offer. However, with current lockdowns showing no signs of easing, you can also find fantastic choices online. However, when shopping online, you must check a few things first:

  • The selection they offer.
  • The cost (including delivery).
  • What payment methods do they accept?
  • If they have a minimum order.
  • How safe the packaging is.

Once you have established the answers to those questions, you can begin your sweet shopping spree! Regarding the packaging, it is a bonus if they can customize it to fit your requirements. In the case of Halloween, you might want to get each of your children’s friends a personalized package of sweets that they will genuinely appreciate. Candy Obsession, an online candy seller, states that their packages are resealable to ensure freshness, which is highly beneficial so that your children don’t overindulge right away!

Think About Some Healthy Snacks

While it is essential to allow your children to consume candy just like the other kids, you should also make an effort to create some healthy options. It is crucial to develop healthy Halloween recipes because people are more health-conscious now than ever before. Halloween is a time of fun and giving, but what you give to the trick-or-treaters is just as important as how you give it. Making quality food that kids will love can be a challenge, especially when you have limited time on your hands. You can find many healthy Halloween recipes online.

halloween treats

You Can Still Provide Every Day Foods

While snacks and treats are typically the order of the day, that doesn’t mean that you need to ignore regular food. For example, you can cook several pizzas and cut them into bite-size servings. When the little ones come knocking on your door for a trick or treat, you can give them a slice each. They will probably be pleasantly surprised, and it gives them a savory break from the overwhelming sweetness. You can extend this to almost any food such as bite-sized burgers, fruit purée pots, or even simply giving them yogurt!

Chocolate Is Always A Winner

Pretty much all humans who have access to chocolate love chocolate! There is something incredibly alluring about its silky smoothness and rich, creamy taste. However, for some reason, chocolate is usually off the list of treats. Therefore, you can put it back on the list and purchase lots of chocolate bars. If you want to stay on the healthier side of things, you can opt for dark chocolate (70% cocoa is the best mix). On the other hand, if you have already provided healthy snacks, you can go for the standard milk chocolate variety.

halloween treats

Bake Spooky Cupcakes

If you simply cannot find suitable treats for your children and the various trick or treaters, you can always make your own! Cupcakes are super simple to bake, and you can use your imagination. You can also involve your children and make cupcakes with them. This is a fantastic way to get them to understand where these threats come from and get them involved with the preparation side of things.

Make Your Own Candies

Alongside making cupcakes, creating your own candy is also more straightforward than you might think. Some of the more popular homemade options include:

  • Hazelnut toffee
  • Cookies
  • Caramel candies
  • Gumdrops
  • Fudge balls
  • Peanut brittle
  • Rice crispy squares
  • Sugared pecans

There is a wealth of information on the Internet, and in most cases, you only need chocolate, sugar, and a few other ingredients to make delicious treats.

Hand Out Small Gifts Instead Of Candy

If you are adamant that you won’t be providing sweets this year, you can offer small gifts to the children. Some exciting choices include:

  • Stamps (ink not letter)
  • Sticker packs
  • Bubbles
  • Erasers
  • Colored pencils
  • Play-Doh
  • Bouncy balls
  • Glow sticks

You can use your creativity to think about what they would enjoy. It is crucial, however, to be aware of certain caveats. For example, you must ensure that all the gifts are age-appropriate so that you don’t cause harm or offense to their parents. Furthermore, it is more straightforward to get non-gender specific presents, so that however comes to your door will all leave happy.

Important Tips To Remember

This Special Night Should Be Both Fun And Healthy

Halloween can be an exciting time for children, mainly because they get to dress up in scary clothing, eat loads of candy and frighten their younger siblings! However, it is also the perfect opportunity to create a healthy balance of treats to hand out to the kids. The balance lies in ensuring that you aren’t a party pooper and supplying delicious sugary treats, and attempting to give the children healthier options that they will also enjoy. Furthermore, it is the perfect time to get them to appreciate more nutritious foods.

Portion Control Is Important

Proper portion control is essential if you throw a Halloween party for your children and don’t want to deny them the usual sugary suspects. While you don’t have to weigh things out to the gram, you should avoid playing them with too much sugar and processed additives. Remember to balance the treats you give your children and mix them up with plenty of healthy options. This way, your kids will be healthier, and you can remain guilt-free!

Halloween is a time for tasting, sharing, and celebrating. It’s a time for all the great things humans like to do, like dressing like pirates and princesses and wearing crazy makeup. As your children head out to trick-or-treat, hopefully, some of these tips will be helpful.