Our job is to protect people’s items and get them safely and securely to their new office or home,” said Matt Schwartzberg, founder of Steinway Moving & Storage, a premier moving company in New York City that handles both residential and commercial (office) moving.

There are, however, things that you, the client should also do to be sure your precious cargo is protected.  Herewith, some of Schwartzberg’s tips:

YOU decide What’s Valuable To You

You know the old saying about one man’s treasure….You also know the saying about preparation and details.  

Schwartzberg says, “Invariably since clients do not do this every day, they underestimate what they have in their minds  how much stuff they have, and let life get in the way of purging and packing in a timely manner.”

With that in mind, well ahead of the move, take an inventory and then determine what you couldn’t bear getting damaged or lost, such as that quilt that may have enormous sentimental value or the picture of your ancestors.

Things To Keep On Your Person–At All Times

Some things shouldn’t be left out of your sight. They include:

  • Medications (kept in a child-proof container)
  • Passports, birth certificates and different sorts of IDs
  • Valued jewelry items
  • Antiques
  • One-of-a-kind artwork masterpieces
  • Photographs
  • Electronics that hold resale values (laptops, smartphones, video game consoles)
  • Sentimental belongings
  • Important papers

NOTE: Large electronics such as TVs can be put in with the movers when there’s not enough space in your car.

Check And Double Check–Then Let Them Do Their Job

It’s important for you to know things, such as insurance companies having different rules for different belongings and value levels.

Technically, your items are considered “near you” once they’re on the truck–even if the truck is in one place and you’re sleeping in a hotel room in another area.

You also want to be sure you know which items will be covered in the event of damage–either by the movers or the insurance companies.

You want to check to be sure you’re fulfilling your responsibilities.

Then let the experts do their job.

Sometimes You Should Pack Something Yourself

Some moving companies are of the “you pack, we drive” philosophy and others are full services.  Even with a full-service company, there might be times when something has so much value to you that only you can do the packing.  

Do it ahead of time, seal and label.

Also know that no matter how careful they are, the back of the moving truck can be a hazardous place.  If it’s possible, you might want to bring some of those items to the new place ahead of time, yourself.

It Doesn’t Have To Be ‘All-Stressed Out’

“I love that we help companies and homeowners thru one of the most stressful times.  Our calmness and expertise is what lets us complete the projects,” says Schwartzberg.

Steinway Moving & Storage has completed over 100,000 moves.  In addition, Matt Schwartzberg is a board member of YPO, New York State Movers Association, and Long Island Movers Association.

By relying on professional help, moving can be a more stress-free experience.