Do you use the internet? What a lame question, right? Everyone uses it irrespective of age, class, ethnicity, and gender. It is now a necessity. It is unimaginable to picture a life without the internet. We all know how to access the internet; it can be for work or entertainment purposes. The internet has enabled instant communication and brought all the information to our fingertips. That’s why we are always looking for the Best Home Internet Deals. Have you ever wondered how it all operates? What if someone asked you how does the internetwork? You may or may not know the answer; if your answer is no, stick around in this post; we will uncover the mystery behind the working of the World Wide Web (Internet). Before getting into the detail, let us understand what a network is?

A network is a group of interconnected devices, and the device connected is known as a node. Most current networks include the following nodes:

  • Network Interface Cards / Network Adapters- These are hardware embedded in your computers, Laptop, or other devices. These are not nodes but allow these devices to act as nodes.
  • Switches- Switches act as managers that rapidly delete and create connection points in a given network. They are central nodes that forward messages between nodes in the same network.
  • Router- A router is a device that connects two different networks located in different geographical locations. Routers are responsible for transferring data from one network to the other.
  • Wireless Access Point- We all know what a wireless access point is. It is the device you see in your home that blasts the internet beam in all the corners of your home.

What Is the Internet?

Internet is the network of all the connected computers, and connected computers can communicate with each other using internet protocols (IP). The internet has made it possible for any device on the internet to talk to each other. Now how can a computer on a network talk to another computer? They can get confused! This problem is resolved by assigning a unique IP to all the devices, as every house has its unique address. So, you can go online and find the Best Home Internet Deals & get connected to the world.

Internet is possible because of two components: hardware that includes cables, routers, servers, cell phone towers, satellites, radios, smartphones, and other devices. These devices are the backbone of the entire internet that we use today. The other important factor is the protocols (these are the rules that every device follows). These are sets of rules that every machine follows to complete a particular task. Without a common set of protocols, the devices cannot talk to each other.

Clients and Server

Whenever you request anything online, you act as a client, and the system that processes your request is the server. For instance, when you stream video on YouTube, you are requesting a YouTube server, and the server responds by processing your request as a client. A server is a powerful computer with data and huge computing power. Servers are also of many types, the server that holds people’s mail is called mail servers, and the ones that have Web pages are Web servers. Now let us look at how the address resolution happens.

Domain Name and Address Resolution

Whenever you enter an address in the address bar, the address is sent to the DNS server, where the domain name is mapped to the IP address of the webpage. You may ask why mapping is needed, look at the entire internet works on IP address, and every domain name has a unique IP address; thus, mapping is necessary. So, we guess we would have helped you to understand what the internet is? So, go online and find the Best Home Internet Deals for your home.