Bingo is a relatively simple game but there’s lots of bingo-specific lingo for you to get your head wrapped around. Don’t worry if you’ve found yourself confused by all the different terms used in bingo – we’ve written this guide to explain all.  Whether you’re a complete beginner to bingo or a seasoned player looking to brush up on the lingo, this guide is for you.

Bingo hall

A bingo hall is a commercial building built to host large numbers of people who want to play bingo, as opposed to normal buildings like churches that host bingo games. They give people not just the chance to win prizes in games, but also socialize and connect with like-minded lovers of the game. 

Online bingo

You used to only be able to play bingo in person, but nowadays it’s more common for people to play bingo via the internet, from the comfort of their homes. There are many different types of bingo games you can play online depending on the site you use, with most of the traditional games like 90- and 75-ball bingo as well as TV-themed variants like Deal or No Deal bingo.

Bingo card

A bingo card is the ticket that you buy to play a game of bingo. There are different numbers on the card. The aim of the game is for the numbers that are drawn from the pot and called out to match the numbers on your bingo card. 


Different types of bingo games have their requirements and patterns your card needs to match for you to win. You might win different types of prizes for marking off the numbers on your card in specific patterns.

Bingo caller

A bingo caller is the person who announces numbers to the bingo players and monitors the game to identify the winner. Great bingo callers have lively and fun personalities, which they use to entertain players throughout a game. 

Bingo Board

The bingo board is the portion of the screen where you can view the numbers that have been drawn out of the pot in an online game of bingo.

Bingo lobby

A bingo lobby is an online area where you can see all the possible bingo games you can play. From here, you pick the room you want to play in and can even buy advance cards. 

90-ball bingo

This is traditionally the most popular type of bingo that you can play and has been played in bingo halls across the UK before the rise of online bingo. There are 90 balls in play and the bingo cards have nine squares, with given numbers across six different rows. 

Don’t let all the fancy names hold you back from getting the most out of playing bingo. With all the important terminology under your belt, you’re now ready to dive into your next game!