Various studies and surveys reveal huge benefits of traveling. According to recent research, as many as 80% of US citizens experience a significant drop in stress levels after they travel. On top of that, exploring the world can help you gain self-confidence, broaden your horizons, become more flexible and independent, and gain a wealth of other benefits.

According to many specialists, college years are the perfect time for exploring the world. While in college, you are still not burdened with day-to-day work and other chores. Yet, you can gain the most advantages from it. The biggest problem here is the fact that students often live on tight budgets, which hold them back from traveling. Luckily, this shouldn’t stop you. Read on, and we will tell you about the top apps that will let you start exploring the world while still in college without going over your budget!


The first app on our list isn’t directly linked to traveling. Yet, it’s directly linked to your academic success while you are exploring the world. It is no secret that students often suffer from a severe academic load that barely leaves time for personal life, rest, and work. Needless to say, making the most out of your journeys and being busy literally 24/7 is just impossible. But paperwriter can solve the problem. So, if you’re wondering where to turn when you need to write my paper online, this platform could be your saving grace during those travel-packed semesters. It’s a reputable paper writing service that helps simplify students’ lives and save them time. It employs hundreds of qualified native writers from the US and Canada who can handle pretty much any academic assignment for you. By having such a trusted assistant by your side, you can confidently hit the road and explore every corner of our beautiful world and, at the same time, sleep tight knowing that all your college tasks will be done right on time and to the highest standards.


The success in sticking to your budget always starts with wise budgeting, no matter if you are staying at home or traveling. TravelSpend is a convenient solution designed to help you monitor and manage your spending while you are away.

The application allows you to set your spending goal for every trip. After you pick a goal, you can add your expenses quickly and easily, right on the go. The app works offline, which is super convenient. And it automatically converts different foreign currencies into the currency you choose. Using this tool, you will visualize your expenses and avoid overspending. On top of that, there is a handy synchronization feature that enables you to organize your budget together with your travel buddies.


When traveling on a student budget in a group, chances are that you will want to share different expenses with your friends. For example, you might want to share the cost of a dinner, groceries, housing, or transportation. While this is a good idea to ensure that you all don’t go over your personal budgets, we have to admit that covering shared expenses can be tricky, especially if you are using credit cards instead of cash.

Splitwise is a solution designed to make sharing expenses simple and convenient. The application supports 7+ languages and 100+ currencies. It enables you to create groups and subgroups to divide your expenses among. It also lets you scan receipts, itemize your expenditures, and do much more. A perfect budgeting solution for large groups of tourists.


While exploring the world, you will likely have to do plenty of planning and bookings of flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. Most often, housing and transportation are the two largest spending items for every traveler. However, there is an easy way to save on these expenditures with the help of Skyscanner.

Skyscanner is deservedly rated as one of the best free travel & local apps, according to Google. It is a search engine that lets you research and instantly book travel options, such as hotels, flights, and car rentals. Skyscanner is there to help you find the best travel deals, compare them, and choose the most suitable ones for you. The app is available in 30+ languages.


As was mentioned earlier, accommodation is one of the biggest costs you will have to cover while exploring the world. Needless to say, students’ financial situations are often unstable. Many young people are listening to podcasts, using specialized apps, and leveraging other methods to boost their financial literacy and start spending wisely. If that sounds like you, chances are that you don’t plan to book a fancy hotel for your next trip. Instead, you might be looking for something more affordable, and Hostelworld can help.

As you can tell from its name, this application is designed to help you find hostels and other cheap accommodations all over the world. The app features over 35,000 properties across 170 countries. It’s a perfect option for backpackers and students on a budget.


What is one of the primary issues facing all tourists traveling beyond their countries? Without any doubt, it’s handling multiple currencies and getting adequate exchange rates. Often, popular destinations will make you overspend by exchanging your money at a very bad rate. And your local bank might be charging increased rates for using your card abroad. Revolut is one app that solves all these problems.

Revolut is an international neobank that provides convenient banking services to users across the world. The application lets you pay for goods and send or receive money without a hassle. It supports over 150 currencies and works in over 160 countries all across the globe, which makes it a perfect banking solution for travelers. It also has convenient spending tracking features that will help you stay on your budget.


Indeed, traveling can bring plenty of benefits to college students. And a tight budget isn’t a weighty reason to deprive yourself of these perks.

All apps from our list can help you plan and implement exciting journeys on a student budget. Start by reading an objective review and delegating your current tasks to professionals to save time. Then, use your free time and the applications we shared with you here to plan your next getaway.