The Living Room is one of the most important parts of your home, as this serves not only a place to gather the family but also to receive and entertain guests. It is commonly situated upfront and what usually welcomes you when you get home. It is where you get to express your style and design of the house.

The living room is composed of different elements, some are essential depending on where you are in the world. But what is common for most homes is the furniture where you’re going to sit your guests or where you take your place after a long day’s work – the sofa. To make the room spell sophistication and elegance you must incorporate luxury sofas into your design. It doesn’t need to be overly ornate, sometimes the simplicity in design makes it a cut above all others. It is advisable to get a sofa from manufacturers who have an extensive array of selections to choose from. This will give options on which furniture would be a better fit for your style.

Here are some fancy Living Room Ideas:

Luxurious Velvet Sofa

Velvet doesn’t miss adding a lush and cushy look that makes a place comfortable. It may consternate you using velvet as part of your design, but it is considered as one of the more well-known styles of today. Using them as upholstery to your chairs or sofa can make underrated furniture glamorous. It can turn an ordinary living room furniture into a posh room with velvet sofas. It emanates luxury and indulgence with its luster, texture, and vibrant feel. You can accent your furniture with a set of curtains made out of plush fabric.

Coffered Ceiling

This is ideal for making an impression of a spacious room with incorporating architectural elements to a wide and plain ceiling. It can be designed to suit the overall theme of the owner’s preference. You can use wood, embellishments, and paint when making a coffered ceiling to augment the appearance of the living room. When deciding to do this project, you can enjoy its long-term benefits such as increasing the value of the home when you decide to sell your property. The ceiling complements the interior design of the living room and finishes the ensemble.

Aside from adding value to the house, here are some of the advantages of coffered ceilings:

  1. It improves acoustics – Coffered ceilings absorb sounds and echoes that make the room more comfortable. This will ultimately make the room more relaxing and conversing with your guests will be better.
  2. It adds aesthetic appeal – When you’re looking to fancify your living room you shouldn’t overlook your ceiling and installing coffered ceilings is definitely one way to do it. Adding embellishments, it adds class and elegance that would otherwise make the room plain and banal.
  3. It makes the room bigger – To create an illusion of bigger space you can use boxed-beam ceilings. You can also install beams closer to the ceiling painted with a different color than the recessed part to make a more spacious look.

The Pit

Exploring this 70’s design is one of the best ways to enhance the style of your room. It goes against conventional designs of today, which makes this an ideal alternative feature you can incorporate into your living room. The conversation pit creates a feeling of being in the moment as well as the retro design eschews our digital distractions. In today’s age of social media and constant connection to the internet, having a good place to sit and talk might be a luxury we’re missing out.

These comfortable pits where people can congregate and sit on comfortable sofas built in the sunken living room are making a comeback. The modern mid-century revival is slowly taking over and the glamour of the pit is looking pretty attractive for a low-profile but luxurious living room.

Shaggy Rugs

You might feel that even after you’ve done decorating your living room carefully, there’s still something amiss. Then you can add shaggy rugs to make a visual comfort and coziness to the ensemble. The lush and soft-feel of a shag rug can add to the fanciness of the room. You can bury your toes in the soft surface of the rug as you relax in your living room. It is a good idea if you don’t have much space to work on. The rugs can make your design stylishly cozy. The room can be composed of a leather sectional, some pillows, and a shag rug.

Glass Walls

Glass walls can make your reception area beautiful and elegant. It can make your space sophisticated and modern. They are easy to incorporate with the different interior designs, from rustic design to contemporary arrangements. Here are some reasons that can inspire you to use glass walls in your living space:

  1. Glass has no boundaries – It enables you to enjoy the view outside.
  2. Makes the room spacious – Large and open walls make the room expansive which is directly related to luxury and style.
  3. Breathing room – Removing clutter and placing carefully selected little designs can improve the effects of a glass room to make things look bigger and upsized.

Marble Floors

These floors reflect light and create an illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. It will also make your receiving area standout and make it a special place in your house. Marble floors are timeless and the allure of the luxury of these materials makes it a staple for lavish designs. You can play intricate or simple patterns to style your floors and highlight it by keeping the rest of the area subdued.

Avant-Garde Decor Piece

This is one of the forward-thinking and original design pieces around. It grants your home character and personality. By adding one interesting conversation piece in your living space you can make the area complete on its own. The piece can capture the interest and attention of the guests and can start up conversations. An example is a uniquely creative lamp, this will instantly draw the gaze of the eyes to it.

This is an alternative to the conventional planning and layout format of designing a room. This style has played a role in 20th-century design and its philosophies are now making its way in modern interior designs. Here is how you can apply avant-garde decor to your living room:

  1. Understand the style – Its simplicity is one of its greatest strengths. The furniture can speak for itself and it will hold the rest of the space together.
  2. The rest of the furniture– Smooth lines should dominate the couch, chairs, and tables present in the room. It sets the avant-garde apart from the rest of the parts of the home. The objective is to leave space for the viewer to revel and observe the decoration.


Another way to create an illusion of depth and extra space in the room is to incorporate mirrors in your receiving area design. Using a full-length mirror attached to the walls as a decorative element can make a tiny or narrow space look more spacious. It will also add glamour in the room when you use an adequate number of them. You need to be subtle with its use. You can use one classic mirror and incorporate smaller ones into the other furniture like chandeliers, and others.

Coffee Table

Experts will always prefer function over form when choosing what furniture to incorporate in your design. So if you’re asking does a coffee table fit well in your living space? Well, the purpose of the room is for relaxation and entertaining guests so there should be an element of comfort to it.

Your coffee table will complete your seating furniture, as well as it can hold drinks and reading materials. Here are the different coffee tables you can add to your living space:

  1. Marble Topped – Classic designs will last, and its beauty and glamor will outlive most styles around. You can use a marble-topped coffee table with gold designs to create a cultured and affluent living. The marble displays finesse while gold exudes luxury to your design. If you’re looking to showcase small special items in the room, then a marble-topped coffee table will do the job.
  2. Copper Coffee Table – Copper is used in many different industries because of its advantageous attributes. In interior design, it has gained respect as well. They are trendy as coffee tables and end tables. They bring out a sense of elegance to your home with its simplicity. With its rustic appearance, it also gives the home a rustic natural flow. The design and types can vary. Its legs also come in various shapes from upright to canted. Creative designers also produce curvy legs, making it one of the special items in your living room.

Metallic Accents

In the last couple of years, metallic accents have become a trendy interior design concept. It can be incorporated into different elements in all the rooms in your home. It is tasteful and chic. The right amount of glitter using metallic accents can make your receiving area look grand. Combining lustrous steel and silver with rich carpeting and glass will surely give the room elegance and luxury in these modern times.

You can add metallic accents to your mirrors, cabinets, and other hardware to give some glitter to your living room. You can also mix metals in your decor to play around with gold, silver or bronze along with rose gold as well. Metal is a neutral accent that explores the gamut of finishing possibilities. Whether you prefer gold to silver, the end result is always a polished look.

Black or White

Dark living rooms are beautiful and emanate of confidence, poise, and authority. The dark floors and neutral tones of the walls and furniture are perfect to highlight the stunning black and red wall piece.

If you prefer the opposite side of the spectrum, an all-white room is equally powerful. It can be beautiful, trendy, and affluent. The details like pillows, plants or natural decor in the room will break the blandness of white.


Using family pictures or portraits on a feature wall is one good way to add character and personalize your living space. Hang frames squarely in one continuous array, like a picture ledge, this will make a more attractive finish. You’ll need to use a neutral base color, like grey, to accent the decorative pieces. One example is to paint the wall a moderate shade of grey and a dark-colored sofa to create a contrasting impression to black and white cushions and frames.

Vibrant Light Fixture Colors

You can revitalize a dull and old light fixture by applying a couple of coats of bright-colored paints, round light bulbs, and pom-pom fringe to put a unique touch. By using strong colors on the pieces overhead can tie together the room’s eclectic sense.

Decorative Hooks and Storage

The ethos applied here is store and organize. Perfect for a family home where everyone has their own things that need storing. One idea to create a cool vibe is using willow baskets and hanging them on stylish metal hooks on the wall. The hooks and the baskets make for good decorative pieces while providing a simple storage solution. This is ideal to clean and store away magazines, toys, books, and other items that family members often leave lying around.

Grey Couch, Armchair and Footstool

Combining these three pieces can create a laid-back and eclectic vibe. The couch should have a dark neutral color to be the base of the colorful and fun patterns of the cushions. The footstool can have fun stripes while the armchair and rug can have fun prints. This mixture of texture and natural elements creates a modern and trendy style.

There are many ways to make your living room luxurious and elegant. Using the right elements to complement your vision of a stylish receiving space is key. These ideas are born from people’s imagination and creativity. So do some research and don’t be afraid to experiment, in the end, it’s your home so it’s your rules.