Designing a home of any size is a challenge, especially when it comes to making the most out of the space that you have. However, with an open plan home and the use of color, you can create a home that works perfectly for you and looks just the way that you want it, but where should you start? This article will give you some design ideas for you to use for better living.

Make The Most Out Of Natural Light

When making your ideal home, you want to do as much as possible to bring in the natural light and make the room look larger. Whether it is a skylight or larger windows, using this natural light can make a smaller room look even larger when combined with a light paint color or wallpaper on the walls.

Consider Open Plan For The Perfect Modern Home

Another element that you should consider when designing your home is the perfect modern home using the open-plan layout. Whether it is the kitchen and dining room area or an open plan for the whole bottom floor, this is a great way of making use of the space and encouraging open movement throughout the home. Using furniture such as sofas and sideboards to create make do partitions is a simple way of creating an open plan living space that still feels as comfortable as possible even in the absence of traditional partitions you would find in the home.

Make Use Of Wooden Sideboards For Added Storage Space

You can also decorate your home to utilize all the space you have using sideboards and radiator covers. Using a sideboard to use up some space in a hallway or a landing, you are adding additional storage for items within the draws and space for decorative items on the top. Alternatively, the use of radiator covers can be used to turn upright radiators into an additional shelf. These have a small lip and can be used to store candles, photo frames, and other elements, allowing you to use up the space around your radiator.

Make Use Of Bookshelves To Add Height To The Room

The final way you can make your home look great is to use bookshelves or tall pieces of furniture to add height to the room. This can add perspective and make a room with a smaller ceiling look even larger. Whether it is a flat you are living in or a living room you are looking to decorate, there are bookshelves of all shapes and sizes that can be used to add some color to your room and show your own personality and can be added to over the time that you live there making it something that you can do as a family.

With this in mind, there are several different options out there that you can use to add extra storage to your home whilst creating the perfect modern look, regardless of the amount of space you have available to you.