We all want nice things, but unfortunately, nice things tend to cost a lot of money. Fortunately, you can follow some tips and tricks to make your home aesthetic look like it cost a lot more than it did. Many expensive accent pieces and furniture are quite simple—you’re just paying for the name.

Here are some tips on how to revitalize your living quarters into one fit for royalty.

DIY Your Own Home Improvements

Anything can be accomplished with the right tools and direction (and a very healthy dose of patience). You can install a light fixture, add a kitchen island, replace your cabinets, take down a wall, and expand the living room… the possibilities are truly endless. However, it takes a bit of time to learn how to do these things correctly.

The best way to make sure you’re not busting any electrical wiring in your home is to take contractor ICC classes—this way, you’ll be getting instruction straight from a viable educational source. You’ll be more confident in your DIY skills, and hey, at this point, why not turn it into an official side-hustle?

Light it Up

Lighting fixtures can act as “jewelry” or “accessories” to a living space. Having an abundance of light in a room makes it look bigger, and as we know, bigger is nearly always better. Pieces with a fun shape will create a focal point in the room and be more attention-grabbing. Having several lights in the room will reduce shadow effects and give the room a nice natural glow. You don’t want it to look like the inside of a hospital: that’s not the brightness we want.

We’re aiming for a nice, natural, warm sunny-day glow that can only be achieved by several strategically placed pieces—unfortunately, you won’t get this kind of effect with one big overhead light.

Mirror This

Mirrors play tricks on your brain, making you think a room is larger than it actually is. A large mirror placed around eye-level, across from a light source (like a window or a lamp) will make it look like a whole room extension behind the mirror.

A single, elegant mirror can also act as a statement piece on an otherwise bare wall. You can also get creative and have multiple small mirrors to decorate the room while creating a space making illusion.

Less is More

We are no longer settling for our grandma’s overly cluttered living room, with the tacky floral-print couch in between two similarly patterned love seats. Respectfully, we have transcended. A more minimalist approach to strategically placing essential items will make your living room look like a posh gallery of curated artisan pieces.

Having too many knickknacks and accessories can make even a large space feel crowded and suffocating. Instead, peruse Instagram or Pinterest for an aesthetic that you prefer, and slowly work towards it by removing furniture items you never use (or never liked to begin with).

More room to breathe not only makes a place look chic and more inviting: it also makes you feel like you can breathe better in it.


Plants are IN! Having a vine aesthetically drape from a wall shelf over your specially selected couch is the new form of wall art. Plants add pops of color to your home, and something about having lived, growing creations in your home is very classy. No piece of art can match the rich green tones of a thriving plant. In addition, having plants in your home increases your air quality!

Living fancy doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make little improvements that will make your home look excessively extravagant while still saving your wallet.