With the enforced pandemic conditions, it’s more likely that we would be spending a few more months in our homes. Being confined in your house teaches you to adapt to your new daily environment by coming up with indoor alternatives to daily outdoor activities and events. For example, most of us work from home now; this means that our dining tables and living rooms have become our offices. We also spend a lot of time in the kitchen now rather than going out and having dinner with friends. Such living conditions are enough to inspire most of us toward home renovation and remodeling for home interior designs. After all, you want to make sure that you’re spending the greater part of your day in a convenient place that looks appealing to you and your visitors. Take a look at this guide we put together to give you the best ways of rethinking your home interior design.

Moving Furniture

Spending long periods of time at home can make you feel imprisoned. Especially with all restaurants and coffee shops being closed and not being able to spend time in public spaces like we used to. One of the best tricks you can do to your interior design so that you can feel less cooped up is moving your furniture around and reassembling it so you can give your home a makeover. Try moving the sofas and chair near any natural lighting or window you have in your home. By moving your seating to face the windows, you allow yourself to get more sunlight during the day and feel more connected to the outside world. You also have time to rearrange your furniture and find fresh places for rarely used pieces like that armchair in the living room that nobody uses.  

Use One Statement Hero Piece Per Room

You should aim to allow only one piece of furniture to stand out in each one of your rooms, whether it’s a colorful painting, oversized couch, or a bold patterned rug. By allowing this one piece to dominate the room, you make it look and feel more impactful to the entire design of your home. Statement pieces are made to steal the light wherever they are placed, so help these pieces achieve their purpose by not drawing attention to more than one piece in each of your rooms.

Dress Your Windows

Spice up your home’s interior design by installing some new window dressings. You can even make some of your smaller windows larger by setting the curtains outside the window edges to frame them. Maybe opt-in for some new shutters for your bathroom windows to add a fresh touch in there and gain more privacy. Many modern homeowners now use curtains that go all the way across the entire wall and extend from ceiling to floor. These kinds of curtains provide a lot of space in any room, but you can also go for roman blinds if long curtains don’t look very fitting in your home. They make windows look more elegant and sophisticated compared to any other type of blinds. 

Paint Your Walls

Painting your home’s walls can be one of the most meditative activities you do during these stressful times. It’s also a pretty cheap way of giving your house a makeover and changing your interior design. The best part is that you’re never really committed to any color you paint; you can simply repaint the walls later and change a color that you don’t like. You can even order your painting supplies online and paint right away when your order arrives. Try to go for bright colors like yellow and rose as they can help lift your mood and make you feel more satisfied with your home space. However, you can also go for whatever other color makes you happy; it’s more about creating a theme or an environment that you feel comfortable in.

Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are great for creating a new viewpoint and bringing more light into a room. They can expand the space wherever they’re placed, which is great for making your rooms look larger than they are. Add a few modern mirrors to your home space to create more depth within your rooms and brighten your home’s interior. You’ll enjoy the reflection of your home’s view that gives the illusion of more interior space. 

home interior design

Most people are looking into changing their homes’ interior design these days, which makes it a perfect time to do the same. Your home’s interior changes a lot about how you feel staying at home, so enhancing it should be a priority if you work from home or spend a lot of time there. Many minor changes can make a big difference in how your home’s interior looks. For example, you can get a complete home makeover only by moving your furniture around and changing the seating’s place.