Many of us think that the idea of AI started around the late years of the past century, but many of us are wrong. The idea of AI may not have been given this name until recent years, but it has been developing ever since the time of the ancient Greeks. Back then, the idea was nothing but a mere fantasy, but now it’s materializing to the extent that we use it in our everyday lives.

We’ve come across a number of fascinating facts about AI that might be incredibly interesting for you to learn, so we’ve decided to share them here with you. Learning more about AI, you may start having different thoughts about what the term means and how you feel about them. Read on and make up your mind.

The Oldest Stories About AI

Are you familiar with the story of Talos? The story goes that Talos is a giant man-made bronze by the Greek god of blacksmithing and invention, Hephaestus. Talos was built to protect the land from enemies. In another story, Hephaestus made servant women from gold and gave them the intelligence to move and work on their own. They’re not clear-cut AI robots, but they clearly fall under the category, given that technology wasn’t exactly used or given that name back then.

Later through the years, we see many movies where people create a whole AI system that does everything for them. An example of that is a movie as old as the 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times. The character that Chaplin plays, Little Tramp, has his smart tech system at home that eventually messes up everything. The point is that the idea has been imagined by people since forever.

AI Is Already Being Used Daily

We use AI in our daily lives on our smartphones and in many of our smart home appliances. Many businesses are based on AI, for example, computer companies, search engines, cloud drives, and many more. Technology in general nowadays uses custom ai to collect data, understand and categorize information, and improve performance. AI technology keeps growing every day, and people are becoming more dependent on it.

AI, Artificial Intelligence

Your AI Assistant Is Usually a Woman

In some cases, you can choose a male voice for your AI assistant, but they originally have a female voice. The reason is not clear, but one reason can be that the pitch of the female voice makes it clearer to hear what they’re saying. Some claim that the reason can be that people generally prefer a female voice to a male one. Some say that the reason could be that people associate the job of an assistant with women.

AI Is Expected to Take Over Many Jobs

AI technology is becoming more advanced and is growing continuously, it is expected that in about 15 to 30 years artificial intelligence is going to take over many jobs, like customer service jobs, and maybe be replaced with AI agents.

AI Can Be Able to Read Human Emotions

Using and collecting data and algorithms, AI agents can read human emotions from facial expressions and body language. They can tell when your mood shifts from your movements that you may not even be aware of.

AI Repairs Its Own Errors

This part is both fascinating and scary on some level. Through data and algorithms, an AI can repair itself through troubleshooting and figuring out what needs to be fixed. This means that they can also know when something is not working properly with them.

People Are More Intelligent than AI 

Until this moment, artificial intelligence hasn’t surpassed the intelligence of a 4-year-old child, so for now, we can rest assured that people still have the upper hand. Yet, it is expected that their IQ will keep developing until it becomes equal to an adult person’s IQ.

They Can Make Beautiful Art

It is true, even though we thought that only people can create art, we were wrong. AIs have the ability to collect information from every database they can reach in as fast as seconds. Using the data they have, they can come up with art pieces that are as amazing as any painting made by one of the best artists.

It is a fact that AI has made our lives much easier in the past few years. They help us spend less time on tasks and do our job more efficiently. The controversial part is whether they will replace human intelligence or not. With the rapid growth of AI technology, we can tell for a fact that they’re becoming more involved in our lives and work every day, but whether they will replace people or not is still in question. Knowing that people created AI technology is a reassuring fact so far that humans still have the power, but whether this will be the case in a few years or not is still unclear.