Every year, the Pantone Institute releases its color of the year which helps to set the upcoming trends, both in interior design and fashion. With bold, standout colors and wearable neutrals, the Spring/Summer 2019 color palette offers confident and creative shades that you will no doubt see woven into wholesale clothing, paint colors, and home accessories.

This year, Pantone revealed the color of the year to be Living Coral; a salmon-pink that seems very fitting for SS19. Setting the tone for softer hues, it seems as though the color trends for the next few months will be interspersed with contemporary, pastel-inspired shades.

Here we take a look at some of the most wearable and interesting fashion color trends for the upcoming season.

fashion sage green color trend for SS19

Sage green

Inspired by nature itself, spring and summer is the perfect time of year for a new shade of green. Pantone released two green shades in its report; Pepper Stem and Terrarium Moss, two shades which conjure up images of rich foliage.

In regard to the fashion world, this has been translated into a soft sage green, which is incredibly wearable whether you’re looking for a new coat, a tailored suit or a slinky slip dress.

fashion cornflower Blue color trend for SS19

Cornflower blue

Blue has been a favorite for a long time, both for interior design and fashion. This season sees the introduction of a cornflower blue; easy on the eye with a contemporary feel to it.

Experiment with varying degrees of the shade; Pantone’s Princess Blue offers a richer and more majestic version, which can work just as a well as a more subdued version. Look for floral jumpsuits with injections of this eye-catching shade, or a bodysuit for a statement look.

fashion lemon yellow color trend for SS19

Lemon yellow

Pastel yellow is nothing new for the spring season, but don’t restrict yourself to just one shade this year. Lemon yellow is the perfect sunny color that can be worked into any outfit from blouses to accessories, but consider looking at both bold and subtle takes on it.

Golden yellow is an equally seasonal color that oozes warmth; Pantone’s Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito offer the perfect inspiration for this.

fashion new season neutral color trend for SS19

New season neutrals

Every season needs its neutral shades, even in the height of summer. Perfect for combining with more colorful options, they can form the base of your fashion collection and offer different ways to build a full look.

Oatmeal beige is a firm favorite, with a soft versatile hue that is ideal for breaking up those brighter shades. Pantone’s Soybean confirms this, with a reliable neutral that will never let you down.

For a darker neutral that is still easily worn, a toffee-inspired brown shade is great for days when unpredictable chilly spells arrive during spring. A cozy, modern shade, it goes particularly well with denim for a great off-duty look.