How to Find a Reliable Used Car on a Budget

The world of used cars can be a confusing one. With pushy sales people and so many different models to choose from, how are you supposed to know what to buy? Add to this that a family car, needs to be reliable, comfortable and spacious (and all on a budget), and finding a quality used car can seem like a tall order.

To help you find the right used car for your family, arm yourself with these tips.

Know What You Need | If you go looking for a car without a clear vision of what you need, it’s easy to become distracted and purchase something that in reality, is unpractical for family life. So, before you start looking, make a list. This may include: something that’s fuel efficient for the school run or commute, that offers space for a growing family, has large enough boot space for holidays, or extra built-in features to keep your kids entertained.

Buy from a Dealer | You could get – and maybe you previously have – a great deal buying a car from a private seller. Although this may be a cheaper option, it’s not always the best. This is because when you buy from a reputable used car seller, like AA Cars, your vehicle will have undergone history checks to make sure it hasn’t been stolen, written off or have any outstanding finance, and will also usually come with a warranty. This protects you against any nasty surprises and expensive repair costs, providing you with a more trustworthy and reliable car.

Speak to a Mechanic | Unless you know a lot about cars, it can be easy to miss something that could cost you a lot later down the line. As such, it’s worth paying for a mechanic to assess a car and give it a quick once over. This will rule out any large or worrying problems and help you to make sure you’re buying a car that is reliable and safe for your family.

Take it for a Test Drive | This point may seem obvious, but people do buy cars without ever having driven them. Some get lucky, but others discover problems that would’ve been immediate if they’d got behind the wheel. When taking a car for a test drive, listen for any loud or unusual noises, take note of how well it brakes, get a feel for the clutch, and see if the car pulls to one side.

Buying a used car can be a difficult and stressful process. Use these tips to help you find a reliable car that’s suitable for your family.