Finding the perfect wedding dress to match your venue isn’t always easy, especially if you have made plans to travel to another city, state, or country. The wedding venue is of paramount importance to every aspect of the wedding, including your attire. You’d probably wear a very different dress to a vineyard wedding than to a wedding on the beach.

Take a look at our suggestions based on wedding venue below. If you’re not 100% committed to a venue already, Upscale Living has an interesting piece on choosing the perfect location for your nuptials.

Church Wedding

With classic, traditional elegance, you can’t go wrong.  A traditional church wedding comes with a set of formalities that need to be taken into account. Guests tend to dress their best when a house of worship is the venue. Go for a stunning gown that’s sure to make an impact, like one with a long train, because it will look amazing in such a setting. Pair it with a veil, a classic accessory.

Mountain Wedding

The mountains are appealing to adventurous types, and mountain weddings are a popular choice among couples who share a passion for hiking or climbing. Experiment with different colors, styles, and textures to accentuate the natural beauty around you. Lace, soft lavender, even ruffles will work. With such a wide variety of flowing gowns and colorful dresses available, you won’t be pressed for choice. A corded lace dress with a soft hem is the perfect option for your unconventional venue. A chic, modern silhouette with sheer sleeves will also work very well for this lovely occasion.

Beach Wedding

When choosing a dress for a beach wedding, know that airy and breathable light-weight fabrics are most appropriate for the natural ambiance. The sandy turf will ruin a long train. As you will probably need to travel to a beach wedding, you will need a light, low-maintenance dress for easy transport. We recommend a goddess-like style with glittery embellishments along with a strapless neckline and a layered skirt with ruffles. Compact bodices with empire waistlines are ideal for the outdoors.

We mentioned ruffles, and there’s a reason for this – the skirt will resemble the waves without appearing overly formal for a fun, modern beach wedding. A breezy A-line silhouette transforming into a fully ruffled skirt fulfills the criterion of easy transport and maintenance. The naturally textured look travels well. It is a practical choice if you’re planning on going to a distant, exotic location. If you want something comfier, consider a linen dress. Linen is light and breathable, perfect for a beach setting. Whether it’s a goddess-style or an A-line with ruffles, a linen dress adds style and practicality to an amazing beach wedding.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings call for cozy, warm attire that reflects intimacy. You won’t go wrong with lace and chiffon dresses. There are two types of vintage wedding gowns – full lace and Art Deco – each with their staunch supporters. Some designers will claim there is nothing better than a full lace gown to achieve a rustic-inspired look, while other experts prefer a lighter, more modern style with embellishments and intricate beading.

The choice is yours. Know that the exact venue also matters. If you’ve decided on a cozy and warm venue like a barn, your attire should exude comfort and laid-back ambiance. The right dress with a lace and chiffon finish will reflect this effect.  Simple, comfortable silhouettes that are not fitted or too tight are appropriate. Examples of such are the sheath and A-line.

Overly ornate embellishments, a plethora of detail, or big, loud accessories will not compliment the rustic setting. On the other hand, a short dress style with a modern accessory like a birdcage veil will lend just the right amount of sophistication.

We would also suggest a dress with lace details over soft satin as an option. This season, cap sleeves and fit-and-flare silhouettes are in. As for color, soft or off-white will look amazing against the backdrop of the warm yellow glow typical of a rustic setting.

Winter Wedding

Who said you have to sacrifice style for warmth at a winter wedding? With lacy sleeves and warm wraps, you’ll never have to choose between elegance and comfort. Obviously, the best winter wedding gowns are all about layers. A dress with endless yards of tulle, organza, or lace (and a pair of tights underneath if you’re still cold) is an excellent choice. Opt for lace-adorned sleeves to keep your arms warm. This coverage becomes elegant with illusion fabric and adds your look another dimension.

Don’t be afraid to mix textures to add depth and warmth to your look.  A combination of tonal beading and ornate lace imitates the intricacy of a snowflake.

More great expert tips on choosing the best winter wedding dress are available at New York Dress’s fashion blog.

Ballroom Wedding

Indoor venues offer greater flexibility when choosing a gown, but you shouldn’t have to limit your options to a church wedding – and you couldn’t possibly in certain situations, like with firm atheist beliefs in place. Ultimately, the choice of gown style should be based on the theme and how formal your venue is.

Notwithstanding this fact, sophisticated and elegant dress styles will work at most indoor venues. Modern silhouettes and luxurious, soft fabric finishes look excellent on such occasions. Simple, streamlined styles and minimal details on the dress are ideal for a modern look that exudes sophistication.

Yet, it’s easy to see how a woman who chooses a ballroom venue would have a flair for the dramatic. On that note, don’t be afraid to try a red-carpet worthy creation. Be it hand-beaded embellishment, rich texture, or a “va-va-voom” shape, your wedding dress should attract attention.

Vineyard/Winery Wedding

A vineyard is perhaps the most romantic of all outdoor settings. Go for tulle and lace over luscious satin to channel the feel of your surroundings. Dramatic ball sleeves and floral lace with a dropped-waist, soft lace hem, and a scalloped sweetheart neckline create a dreamy look.

For more ideas on the perfect wedding dress to match your venue, don’t hesitate to check out New York Dress’s collections online. An endless number of high-end styles and designs is on offer, ranging from the timeless and classic to the modern and trendy.