In this day and age, technology dominates so much of our daily lives that people compare feeling naked to forgetting their smartphone at home or the office. Technology has taken over our homes, our cars, and our offices. The latest delivery for the environmentally friendly is eco-friendly versions of centuries-old, and other newer, house appliances. If you are a tech freak and environmentally conscious, here are the five eco-friendly appliances that need to be a part of your kitchen.

eco-friendly appliances


Dacor EPA award-winning luxury column refrigerators led the way with the use of the environmentally safer R600a refrigerant. This refrigerant is not only 40 % more efficient but also reduces the greenhouse gas impact considerably.

This product is proof that households can purchase high-performance appliances with edging designs that are environmentally sustainable.

Urban cultivator

The Urban Kitchen Cultivator can grow up to eight varieties of herbs and microgreens in one go. This product allows you to grow fresh, organic, and non-GMO herbs all year round while reducing your carbon footprint.

Steam Ovens

Steam Ovens, like the compact Baumatic portable steam oven, are ahead in the race for energy-efficient appliances. Only 46cm high, with a cooking cavity of 31 liters, it has six programs: steam, hot air + steam, hot air, professional, regeneration, and low temperature, featuring 50 present recipes.

Aquaboy Pro II

The global award-winning Aquaboy Pro II appliance is a technologically advanced machine that provides “purified great tasting water™” made from the air. Easy to use, eco-friendly, and healthy, it produces up to 2 to 5 gallons of water per day from the air without harmful ingredients.

Steam Dishwashers

Another product that is raising the bar on eco-friendly appliances is the Gorenje compact integrated dishwasher. This AAA rating dishwasher features five wash programs: normal, super, eco, intensive, and quick; a start delay of around nine hours and automatic water-softner dispenser.

eco-friendly appliances

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator. There you can estimate your footprint in three main areas: transportation, home energy, and waste. A spokesman for ASAP Appliance & Plumbing Services stated that homeowners are currently on the market to purchase newer and greener products. This, allegedly, keeps technicians on their toes, getting regular training to cope with technological developments to offer the best refrigerator repair and other appliance services.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the contribution to our planet, purchasing eco-friendly appliances has an impact on your overall electricity consumption in your home. Since our society steers towards “greener” ways of living, most brands out there are striving to upgrade the industry standards to earn a prominent spot on the “energy-efficient” podium. Therefore, for 2020, you can expect a vast amount of developments to come in this segment.

In case you are thinking about replacing your old appliances for new, greener ones, don’t forget to check the local Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Partner Program. The proper disposal of our old devices is yet another milestone we need to reach to reduce our carbon footprint.