A flotation tank (sensory deprivation tank) is used to create restricted environmental stimulation therapy also known as REST. The flotation tank is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with saltwater. The water is a foot or less, enough for you to float in. There are many spas and centers that offer this service, so it is easier than it previously was to get access to it. It has grown in popularity within the last few years. This is mainly due to the scientific evidence surrounding the use it. It is suggested that spending time in the flotation tank result in muscle relaxation, a decrease in pain, stress, and anxiety, and overall better sleep.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits to using a sensory deprivation tank or float therapy. The team at LIVKRAFT recommended that you go to a place that is reputable when doing this therapy. We’ve told you what Float Therapy be is but do you know the benefits? Keep reading to find out.

Does Float Therapy Helps To Treat Anxiety

REST has been found to effectively help reduce the level of anxiety a person may experience. Studies show that one-hour sessions in the sensory deprivation tank significantly reduces anxiety. Persons have expressed experiencing an improvement in mood and felt calmer. This is good for a person with stress and other anxiety-related issues.

Works As A Form Of Pain Reliever

Sensory deprivation’s effect on those suffering from chronic pain has been confirmed via several studies over a period of time. It has been proven to effectively treat different types of pain. This ranges from tension headaches, muscle pain, neck pain and stiffness, and other issues with reduced range of motion. It has also been seen to help reduce pain related to stress.

Improves Heart Health

Float therapy has also been said to improve heart health as it helps to create a sense of deep relaxation which helps to reduce stress levels ultimately putting less strain on your heart. It also helps to improve things like sleep which is another cause of poor heart health. These two areas have been connected to cardiovascular disease, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and a weak heart.

It Can Provide A Boost In Mood

There are numerous reports of having feelings of extreme euphoria after going through Float Therapy. The reports have also included experiencing a feeling of enhanced optimism, a feeling of overall well-being and wholeness, and a sense of calm. Others have suggested a spiritual rebirth and feeling as though they had a deep inner insight. These findings suggested and having a boost in positive mood and energy.

floating therapy tank

A sensory deprivation tank may help to relieve underlining issues that prevent you from getting restful sleep. Issues such as anxiety, muscle pain, the tension in the body, and stress. You can find yourself having an improved mood and an overall lightness to your body. Before you do this form of therapy it is wise to speak to your doctor especially if you have any preexisting medical conditions. This may not be the best therapy for a person who suffers from claustrophobia or a fear of the dark.