Performing everyday tasks can be extremely excruciating and mind-numbingly tedious as well. The conventional equipment that e utilize on a daily basis is also extremely inefficient and, well, outdated. The vast majority of traditional gadgets that were designed to ease the process of executing simple tasks now seem to play the contradicting role of hindering the process of completing the same tasks in time.

Thankfully, we have ample of interesting and highly functional lifestyle gadgets that allow you to perform some of the most fundamental and vital tasks with the utmost ease. Apart from enhancing the simplicity aspect of performing such usual errands, these gadgets also help you save a substantial amount of time while providing optimum convenience as well.

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1. Flashlight Hand gloves

If you have ever been stuck under a dark sink trying to fix the leaky pipes or crawled under your car trying to locate the exact fault from amongst the sea of jumbled up engine parts, you know how significant of a role a bright torchlight plays. However, holding a separate torchlight and trying to diagnose the microscopic problem at the same time can be extremely difficult and annoying as well.

Rather than using your mouth as an alternative to hold your torchlight and attempt to work at the same time, a hand glove that can also function effectively as a flashlight provides an ideal solution. These flashlight glove gadgets can be worn effectively like a normal hand glove and project bright light at the same time to help you work under limited lighting conditions with optimal efficiency.

2. Fur Zapper

Anyone who is obsessed with pets will admit that petting comes with its exclusive and distinct lists of advantages and disadvantages as well. There is, of course, the authentic sentiment of pure joy and adoration when you are around your canine/ feline companion. But, on the other hand, they can get extremely cuddly, and that leaves off a noticeable amount of furs on your coats and other garments.

As much as you might adore and care for your furry pet, wearing something with their furs on them can be extremely annoying and unsettling as well. Fur Zapper provides a simple solution to clean out all the trapped furs on your garments while laundering. You can simply toss these sticky discs inside the washer along with your clothes and voila! Your garments are all fur-free.

3. Quietbuds

A minute worth of complete and quality silence is a priceless luxury in the present noise-ridden age. And this is where the ideal application of quiet buds comes into action. A quiet bud, apparent by its name, enables you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time by minimizing the magnitude of excess and random noise around you.

Quietbuds do not completely eliminate the surrounding sound around you as that makes you extremely vulnerable to any outside shenanigans that might be in order. They, instead, minimize the degree of random noise around you, so you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful solitude by exposing your ears only to a favorable degree of the sound input. This controlled level of sound exposure allows you to simultaneously relax and keep a vigilant ear to any type of abnormal outdoor sounds, so you don’t have to deal with any minuscule form of shenanigans that may be in effect.

4. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? However, when it comes to home tech gadgets, the weirder-the better and, of course, more interesting as well. Mosquito repellent bracelets do exactly what they sound like – they can be worn like a standard hand bracelet, but they help keep away mosquitoes, so you no longer have to deal with the conventional form of suffocating mosquito repellent liquid and gases.

As opposed to what many people might think, mosquito repellent bracelets are more than just any other peculiar version of a quirky technological gimmick. They are made from all-natural plant-based oil that makes them entirely non-toxic and, of course, environment-friendly as well. In addition to all that, they also come with a distinctive pleasant smell, so your kids do not necessarily feel like they are wrapping their hands around a typical mosquito repellent coil.

These bracelets are also 100% water-proof to ensure their optimum lifespan is maintained to the brim, even if you walk into your bathroom naively and splash water over it. Best of all, these extremely idiosyncratic gadgets come with a wide array of color options to make you look good while ensuring you keep away the annoying buzzing mechanism at bay.