Bally has been an upcoming software provider for many years now. Despite first appearing in 1968, their technological marvels began in 2006, with the creation of Bally Technologies Inc. The release of Game Maker in 1994 gave them the tools they needed to learn and prosper in the eventual online gambling world. The games created are based on many classic themes, with artwork produced by the talented employees in their midst. You can find some of these games available to play for free in many well-known casinos. Places like Vulkan Bet are a good place to start. Here are some examples of the best Bally games to play for free.

Cash Spin

Cash Spin is all about earning that money through classic slot machine means. While on the visual side, it is very simplistic, however, there is beauty in the simplicity as it delivers exactly what you want from a game like this. Prizes are delivered to you in fair and straightforward ways. It has been a popular game to play on the floors of Las Vegas for many years now. Paying it for free will let you see why. There are 243 ways for you to win with free spins to use and a spin wheel bonus for all those extra goodies.

Cash Wizard

Cash Wizard is another well-known title that takes its simplistic art style into a more comedic edge. For example, the main character of the game who grants winnings is a simple smiling wizard. All he has is a cloak, a wizard hat, and a dotted smile that even a 3-year-old can draw. Whether it is unintentionally funny or not, it is guaranteed to get a few laughs. The winnings are when things get serious. Here, you can play to win on 30 paylines available. You can gain more Wilds by offering an even larger stake. This can gain you 500x your initial stake if you score the correct combination. Earn free spins with triple Wilds for even more exciting gameplay.

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza

This slot is based on the famous circus performances that show off the amazing stunts of clowns and acrobats. This particular slot is based on a show that premiered in 2007. It tells the story of an innocent performer trying to find his place in the world whilst meeting many others like him. You can relive this story by playing the slot machine. Earn bonuses from landing special props on the reels. Each can gain you prize wheels or free games depending on the journey.

Jewel of the Dragon

Bally brings you an incredible journey involving a mystical dragon. Travel to its lair to find the biggest prize of them all, with plenty of chances of grabbing as much gold as you can. With 40 paylines to win off, you can find yourself getting more heated as every spin could wake the dragon. Once it does, however, you can unlock tons of goodies with the special spin mode. Drop Zones and Dragon Nudges are there to provide that little extra in getting the infamous Jewel. It is a fun-filled adventure with impressive animations.

Pharoah’s Dream

Pharoah’s Dream provides that Egyptian slot you want but giving a more aethereal edge to it. There is a lot to be found here which can offer some artistic expression to an otherwise ordinary slot. Explore the vast reaches of the dream-like landscape with every spin of the reels. Forty pay lines house many different combinations, creating great opportunities for you to take advantage of. This includes the special spins from the Great Sphynx, awarding you 10 free spins with added Wilds and extra to make more prizes appear.

Quick Hit

This is a popular series from Bally, with many variations of the game that has come after it. This includes Quick Hit Black Gold, Quick Hit, Cash Wheel, Quick Hit Las Vegas, and Quick Hit Pro. All of which are about earning winnings fast and easy. You can earn thousands of prizes on the 30 pay lines. The different variations of the game have bigger prizes in store but with bigger stakes. This means you can select which difficulty you want to play by choosing the right game for you. Earn bigger multipliers to increase your winnings gradually.

Wonder Woman Gold

If you want a free slot to play with a superhero theme, Bally has based on one of everyone’s favorite female heroines, Wonder Woman Gold. Play on 40 fixed pay lines to gain huge winnings from 200 max bets. Hit Mystery Stacked Reels to use Wonder Woman’s powers to get more winnings. If you enter the free spins mode, you will have symbols transform into higher-paying symbols. This gives even more money and cool animations to accompany the superhero adventure.