Business travel is very different from holidays, as you always seem to be on the go. But it is the way of life for thousands of American professionals. Shuttling from airport to airport and attending meetings in between can be stressful and tiring. Additionally, there is constant pressure to save time and money as you are accountable to your company. Fortunately, traveling smart is easier than you think, provided that you follow some helpful tips to ease up things and conserve time and money. Here are the best pieces of advice from frequent corporate flyers across the US.

Carry on your stuff

Packing light should be on top of your checklist if you fly often for work, but ensure that you have enough to keep you looking presentable and professional. Try fitting everything on your carry-on baggage because it will save time waiting at the luggage counters. Ensure that you have lightweight suits, a couple of shirts, toiletries, and a pair of shoes that fit snugly in the carry-on. Pack your laptop, tablet, and charger as well. 

Remember virus-safety essentials

The best piece of advice for American business travelers right now is to have some luggage space for your virus-safety essentials. Even as you will get hand sanitizers on the flight and at the hotel, pack enough supplies to last for the trip. Have several disposable face masks and change them often. These are the things you cannot miss out on because safety is paramount.

Book airport parking to save time

Booking airport parking can save you a lot of time and money. It also makes sense in the pandemic time as using your vehicle for commuting in your vehicle is a safer alternative to taking a cab or using public transport. Fortunately, you can book airport parking in cities across the US. If you live in Portland, you can book Portland PDX Airport Parking online in a few clicks. You can leave your car without worrying about its safety and pick it when you are back from the trip. The service even offers a shuttle facility to pick and drop from and to the airport.

Avail rewards of frequent flying

While back-to-back business trips are taxing, you can use several rewards to your advantage. A travel rewards credit card is a good investment as it can secure substantial savings and provide entitlements as a frequent flyer. You can also expect additional amenities like lounge benefits and expedited screening, which make life a lot easier if you are always shuttling around.

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Choose your hotel location wisely

Apart from being smart with travel, choose your accommodation wisely. You will probably learn the trick if you fly frequently. Book a place close to the client location as it can save you from long commutes and traffic delays. You will also get a couple of hours extra to catch up on sleep before and after flights. Proximity to the airport is also a factor to consider. 

Business travel requires good thinking and intelligent choices, whether for flights, parking, mode of commuting, or accommodation. Just use your experience, and you will be in a good place for making wise choices.