Contemporary design can be hard to define, simply because it’s all about ensuring your home evolves to keep up with all the newest styles and lifestyle trends. And with the coming of the twenty-first century’s ‘roaring twenties,’ you better believe that a few monolithic modernistic game-changers are entering the interior design world. Here are a few we suggest you keep your eyes on.

Lounge necessities

From the early days of levers and springs to their new and improved electric recliner chair counterparts, lounge furniture has gotten more sleek and streamlined over the past few years in particular. If you haven’t updated your living room essentials in a while, now is most definitely the time. Modern recliners come fully-equipped with adjustable headrests and footrests, with a few select quality models boasting total maneuverability. This means that modern recliners can do far more than recline, and can now swivel from left to right or glide effortlessly from their traditional seat position to a fully-relaxed and fully horizontal position. Or anything in between! This full flexibility is growing increasingly important in the battle against back pain, and other nasty health issues that have emerged over the last few years from poorly-designed couches and recliners. You don’t want your valuable lounge time leading to muscle pains and poor posture. Home should be a place for healing!

Styles and their textures

The revival of velvet and denim in the fashion world has foreshadowed home design’s new love affair with textures like wicker, brass, twine, travertine, natural wood grain, and, well, velvet again! The 2020 design trends that we’ve seen so far have substantially been defined by their textural elements, followed closely by color palettes. For instance, country or coastal living, and boho-inspired interior design styles, all incorporate revived wicker elements, like room separators, storage baskets, and outdoor or patio furnishings. Rugs, cushions, and throws are boldly textured, with a myriad of different patterns and prints made to be mixed and matched. As these vibrant styles were developed through a lively celebration of life, it makes sense that your home is transformed into a veritable jungle of complementary colors and eclectic touch experiences. The same cannot be said for fluid minimalism, however, which boasts plenty of smooth-textured light timbers, matte black metals, contemporary chrome or porcelain light fixtures, and plenty of smooth, monochromatic surfaces like concrete or dull marble. Minimalism is, in essence, defined by its sleek and flawless elements. And if you were at all curious as to where your velvet pouf or pillows belong, the answer is everywhere.

Smart home sanctuary

Finally, as this is an exploration of future living, this article would not be complete without mentioning designing with intelligent home features in mind. Another significant aspect of contemporary design is prioritizing functionality in our living spaces, a feat that is growing increasingly achievable following the emergence of smart home technology like intelligent lighting, speakers, and app-enabled appliances. You can finetune your smart home ecosystem by assessing which features your household would benefit from utilizing most. For instance, it’s not uncommon for small speakers like Google Home minis to be included in every bedroom for each occupant’s personal use. But when you pair all these smart devices together in the Google app, you will find yourself with an intuitive family network, where all calendars and alarms can be shared across family members to ensure that everybody’s on the same page in regards to shared schedules. On a different note, the versatility of smart home tech like lighting, in particular, can be a fantastic way of making your living spaces more dynamic and changeable. There’s sure to be a color palette for every occasion in the growing library of community-created color scenes that are available on both the Nanoleaf and Philips Hue apps.

As contemporary living has already begun to incorporate the three enhancements mentioned here, it should be noted that these qualities will continue to evolve and expand. But by following this small guide, you’ll be providing yourself with a good foundation for this new decade of home innovation. All that’s left to do now is welcome in 2020 with open arms!